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Dozier Elementary’s 2014-15 Vision for iPads

As new technologies emerge on the horizon each year, Dozier Elementary is always interested new equipment which can broaden student learning at their school.


With the help of area businesses, grants and donations, the school has managed to attain new classroom computers, mobile computer labs, Promethean Boards, cameras and more since they began their “Eye on Technology” campaign in 2009.


With a new vision in mind, the school leader Karla Toups and the school’s technology team are now making an attempt to bring iPads into the classrooms within the next few years.  In fact so much so, the school has already done its homework on this particular topic and started the process.


In 2012, the school unveiled a unique website focusing on iPad resources to assist them on their new quest. The website dubbed A Sea of iPad Resources offers possibilities not only for its own teachers and students, but for parents as well. The website located @ shares both free and paying educational iPad apps, information and articles on iPads in education. 

In taking their vision another step further, Dozier Elementary teachers traveled to view hands-on iPad lessons in classroom during the past year. The trip was to broaden their knowledge of iPad integration and to see two classroom management systems in place. In May 2013, the Erath 4th of July Association donated money for 4 grade level iPads.  This past summer, a Professional Development session was held (for teachers) to help those interested in learning more about the iPads.


With a few in place for grades 1-5 now each have one "grade level" iPads to check out. The ultimate goal would be to have at least one in every classroom or to gain an iPad lab (or labs),  if possible.


Riding on the cusp of completing their 2012-2015 school technology plan in May, coupled with their impressive iPad classroom tour, Dozier Elementary’s vision is seemingly a little closer, as they are now completing grants, and have plans to use donations to attain iPads in upcoming years.


During this school year, we are also working to place one new computer (Windows 7 or higher) in each classroom as well. We will host Technology Tshirt Tuesdays. See more here. If you are interested in donating a new computer or anything for this campaign, contact Principal Karla Toups.


Stacy Bodin, who works as the part time Tech Specialist shared “We are realistic and know grants and/or donations may not come through for this to happen, however that has not stopped us yet" Bodin also stated, “What we do know after doing a lot of research is (a) our group has seen  a lot potential for iPad use for our students and (b) we are more than willing to go that extra mile to work for them by writing grants and anything else that comes with the territory!” She ended by stating “The school would welcome any new businesses whose focus is technology in schools to partner with, or anyone for that matter, who would like to help our quest.


See our Video Commercial here!



 If you are interested in making a "school donation for iPads or other technology" you may contact/email the leaders or tech specialist. or call Principal Karla Toups @ 337-937-6915. You may also check out our Donorschoose page for Dozier teachers if you want to make donations that way.

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