Dozier Elementary Creates a Louisiana Bicentennial Video

Dozier Elementary's School Wide Bicentennial Project! (See main page, article, candid photos and class line up here!)


If you passed through the halls at Dozier Elementary this past week, there is an excellent chance you heard rippling echoes of "Happy birthday Louisiana," "We love you Louisiana" or even "Rock on Louisiana" while you were there.
With Louisiana Bicentennial statehood celebrations throughout Louisiana on Monday, April 30th, the Dozier Elementary faculty brought the rare educational event into their classrooms, in an effort to reinforce their state's history.
Using a variety of resources intertwined with technology rich history lessons, teachers used interactive Promethean Board flip charts, powerpoints, digital cameras, flip cams, projectors and more to enhance the heritage of the state for their students.
The school then went a step further as teachers, students and leaders also participated in one unique video project that involved the entire school.
Each grade level worked on specific projects and were filmed. Then a school wide video was compiled to be used on April 30th. Footage of the video included Pre K students singing "Happy Birthday Louisiana," while Kindergarten students lent their voices for the state song, "You Are My Sunshine." The first grade classrooms also worked together to present an ABC Louisiana alphabet project called "L is for Louisiana." Students in 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade, presented state facts, symbols, information on Governors, and then participated in interactive quizzes through the use of their Promethean Boards. Completing the unique school video, were the 4th grade classes who presented the poem, "I am Louisiana" by Paul Ott and spoke about Louisiana's first state Governor after statehood, William Claiborne. Even the two school leaders took time to say "Happy Birthday" to Louisiana for the video.
The filming occurred on Friday, April 20th and Tuesday, April 24th. With the April 20th filming schedule, the students were donned with rock star attire due to their PBIS "Rocking Good Behavior" program, so it was decided that the school would add the phrase "Rock on Louisiana" to the video to mesh the two events together.

Dozier Elementary Principal Karla Toups and Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert encouraged the school wide technology project. Toups shared that she "was excited about the opportunity for the school to participate in a project meshing Louisiana's historical roots and 21st century technology resources." Toups also shared that "this project was unique, because it involved every classroom teacher, as well as the entire student body. She ended by saying "this is a rare event in our state's history and hopefully our students will always remember that we as a school, took the time to celebrate it together!"
Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert added, "with this event falling right after testing, it was a perfect opportunity for the students, faculty and leaders to pay tribute to Louisiana's 200th anniversary of statehood, and really have fun with it."
Upon completion, the grade level video clips were compiled into a school wide video and was placed on the website this weekend.

On April 30, 2012, the actual date Louisiana will celebrate its 200th Anniversary, Dozier Elementary students will view their school wide video which pays a bicentennial tribute to their state. Using their own voice, this heartwarming testimonial in essence was their unique way of saying "Happy Birthday" to Louisiana!

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