Dozier's "Eye on Tech" Corner

Moving forward by keeping our "eye" on technology!
1. Talk to you school leaders and tech committee. Talk to your webmaster at this time to secure a spot on the school page.

2. Decide on a group to work with it. (Example: Student Coucil, 4-H, a specific class, other groups).

3. Write a script and designate the students speaking, etc.

4. Hand out the script to the students and send a letter to parents notifying them of the project.. Send a media release form (see example) for verification and parents to sign. Example *Script MS Word *Give it at least a week prior to production.

5. Be clear about expectation with parents and students. In other words, whether they will memorize it or just read it.

6. Secure a camera (flip or another one) and possibly a small microphone or karoke machine.

7. Have the students do a practice run. Then film it.

8. If all students can be online and the leaders agree, upload it to a program such as school tube, OneTrueMedia or another program. Have your webmaster embed the file on the school site. NOTE: Make sure any music within the video is legal to use.  Free music clips here!

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