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Completed and Funded Projects for 2017-2018!



1. Shana LeBlanc Get "Hook"ed on New Technology Pictures to come!

2. Rachel Romero 1st Grade  If You Give a Class a Charging Station....

3. Rachel Romero 1st Grade  Our Technology Path to Enhance Learning... Round 1

4. Rachel Romero 1st Grade Our Technology Path to Enhance Learning... Round 2

Completed and Funded Projects for 2016-2017!


1. Pre K Ashlie Landry A Tisket a Tasket Drop Boogie Boards in our Basket! Pictures

2. Kindergarten  Ashlie Landry A Tisket, A Tasket Drop an Ipad In Our Basket!  Pictures

3.  Hope Hebert Kindergarten Three Cheers for a Touchscreen Laptop in Kindergarten! Pictures

4.  Hope Hebert Kindergarten Three Cheers for a Touchscreen Laptop in Kindergarten!  Pictures

5. Amy Champagne Living in the IPad Generation Pictures coming

6.  2nd Grade Suzette Stutes Crossing Our Fingers for ActivPens for Our Promethean Board.  Pictures

7  3rd Grade Stacy Broussard  Oh Yes, Our Eyes Are On Technology and ActivSlate Pens!  Pictures

8. Christie Duhon  Possibilities Of An iPad Air 2 In A Speech Classroom Pictures coming

9 Claudell Thibodeaux Reading  Reading Intervention + iPad Mini 4 = Great Success! Pictures

10 Target Grant for Lori Porter





Completed and Funded Projects for 2015-2016!

  1. Pre K Angie Detraz Round 2: A is for Apple, B is for Ball... I is for IPAD! (Donorschoose) Pictures

  2. Pre K Angie Detraz A is for Apple, B is for Ball, I is for iPad! Round 3 Pictures

  3. Pre K Angie Detraz A is for Apple, Please Help Us Make "B" for Boogie Boards!  Pictures

  4. Pre K  Angie Detraz "Our Magic Carpet Ride" (Chevron "Fuel Your School) Pictures

  5. Pre K Jessica Reeves "Hooray for Boogie Boards in our classroom!" (Chevron "Fuel Your School) Pictures

  6. Pre K Jessica Reeves  Hurray for iPads in our Pre K Classroom! Round 2   Pictures

  7. Pre K Jessica Reeves The New Pre K Classroom! Teckie Tyke Tools Needed! Pictures

  8. Pre K Sheri Young  Boogie Boards for my Teckie Tykes! Pictures

  9. Kindergarten Ashlie Landry A Tisket a Tasket, Drop a Document Camera in our Basket!   Pictures

  10. Pre K Team Projects  Sheri Young, Angie Detraz and Jessica Reeves Each of these three projects are joint projects to be divided between the 3 Pre K teachers. Sheri Young A Trio of Osmos & Boogie Boards for My Pre K Centers! Pictures

  11. Kindergarten Ellen Hebert  Once Upon a Time...A Teacher Wanted to Be a Student! Document Camera (Donorschoose) Pictures

  12. Kindergarten Ashlie Landry A Tisket a Tasket, Drop A Laptop in Our Basket!  Pictures

  13. Kindergarten Ashlie Landry A Tisket a Tasket, Drop A Document Camera in Our Basket!  Pictures

  14. Kindergarten Lauren Landry  A Laptop Tops Our Wish List!  Pictures

  15. Kindergarten Ellen Hebert Once Upon a Time a Class Wanted Two "All in One Computers!"  Pictures

  16. Kindergarten Hope Hebert Three Cheers for a Trio of Ipad Minis in Kindergarten!  Pictures

  17. Kindergarten Hope Hebert Three Cheers for a new computer Kindergarten!  Pictures

  18. Kindergarten Hope Hebert  Please Bring a STEM Bundle to Our Eager Learners! Pictures 

  19. 1st Grade Jennifer Toups "Ipad Cost $500, The Learning Tied to It... "PRICELESS!" Pictures

  20. 1st Grade Jennifer Toups Can You See It Clearly? Our Quest For A Document Camera"  Pictures

  21. 1st Grade  Jennifer Toups Laptop Cost $950, The Learning Tied To It Is Priceless! Pictures

  22. 1st Grade  Jennier Toups Oh, Snap! Our Classroom in Pictures!  Pictures

  23. 1st Grade Rachel Romero  "If You Give a Class An Ipad..."  Pictures

  24. 1st Grade  Rachel Romero Round 2: If You Give a Class  Two IPad  Minis...    Pictures

  25. 1st Grade  Regina Caillouet:  Keeping Active Minds Engaged with ActivSlates!  Pictures

  26. 1st Grade  Regina Caillouet:  Clicking Our Heels and Wishing for a New Laptop!  Pictures

  27. 1st Grade  Amy Champagne Power of TNT: Teacher+ Networking +Technology =Student Learning Pictures

  28. 2nd Grade  Pamela Cheek "If You Give a Class a Trio of Ipads...."   Pictures

  29. 2nd Grade Pamela Cheek ActivSlate & the POWER of Interactive Learning!  (Chevron "Fuel Your School) Pictures

  30. 2nd Grade Suzette Stutes (and 2nd-3rd grade teachers) STEM BUNDLE for 2nd and 3rd Grade"Crossing Our Tiny Fingers for an Engaging & Fun STEM Bundle!" Pictures

  31. 2nd Grade Suzette Stutes "Crossing Our Little Fingers" for a New Ipad Mini 3! Pictures

  32. 2nd Grade Suzette Stutes "Crossing Our Little Fingers" for an ActivSlate Pictures

  33. 2nd Grade Suzette Stutes:   Round 2: "Crossing Our Little Fingers for an iPad!"  Pictures

  34. 2nd Grade Suzette Stutes "Crossing Our Little Fingers for an ActivSlate Pictures

  35. 2nd Grade Suzette Stutes won a $500 Grant from the "Kids in Need" Foundation for her "Ipads, Oh the Possibilities! Proposal Pictures

  36. 2nd Grade  Suzette Stutes:  "Take Your Best Shot!" Our Fingers Are Crossed for a Camera! Pictures

  37. 2nd Grade  Suzette Stutes:   Round 2: "Crossing Our Little Fingers for an Laptop   Pictures

  38. 2nd Grade Allison Migues Oh, Yes! Change is the end result of all true learning!  Pictures

  39. 2nd Grade Amanda Hebert A Trio of iPads and Apps = Happy 2nd Graders!  Pictures

  40. 3rd Grade  Stacy Broussard  "You have to keep moving forward!" ~Conrad Hall~   Pictures

  41. 3rd Grade  Katonya Beaubouef Keeping Our Eyes Focused on Technology!    Pictures

  42. 3rd Grade  Melissa Romero  "I touch the future. I teach." ~Christa McAuliffe~  Pictures

  43. 4th Grade Lori Porter  "Oh Yes, I Will Indeed Become a Student Again!"  Ipad Mini 3 Pictures (Donorschoose) Pictures

  44. 4th Grade Lori Porter Mo-ney, Money, Money, Money....Mo-ney in the Real World! (Ipad Air 2) Pictures

  45. 4th Grade Lori Porter Real World Economics! Mo-ney, Money, Money, Money....Mo-ney   Ipad Mini 3 (Donorschoose) Pictures

  46. 4th Grade Lori Porter Life in the Digital Age! Oh, Snap....A Camera is Needed!  Pictures

  47. 4th Grade Lori Porter  Mo-ney, Money, Money, Money..Mo-ney Real World Economics!  Laptop Pictures

  48. 4th Grade  Maleigha Viator Round 2: “Involve me and I will understand.” ~Lakota Indians   (2 Leavno Laptops) Pictures for the three laptops. Pace Grant

  49. 4th Grade  Maleigha Viator Round 3: “Involve me and I will understand.” ~Lakota Indians  (1 Leavno Laptop) Pictures for the three laptops. Chevron Fuel Your Schools

  50. 4th Grade  Maleigha Viator Round 4: “Involve me and I will understand.” ~Lakota Indians (2 Leavno Laptops) Pictures

  51. 4th Grade  Maleigha Viator Round 5: “Involve me and I will understand.” ~Lakota Indians  1 Leavno Laptop) #BestSchoolDay)  Pictures

  52. 4th Grade  Kayla Lucas Life in the Digital Age! A New Laptop & Camera Needed!  Pictures

  53. 5th Grade Jill Viator  Guiding ELA Students With An iPad And Apps! Pictures

  54. 5th Grade Jill Viator  Cost of an ActivSlate? $550. Great ELA Lessons...Priceless!  Pictures

  55. 5th Grade Aunie Bernard Real Life Math! Using It Beyond the Answers!  Pictures

  56. 5th Grade Aunie Bernard Donated iPad, $50 iTunes Card and a Microsoft 360 package to install. (Picture)

  57. 5th Grade Jenny Domingues The Power of Technology with 5th Graders!  Pictures

  58. 5th Grade Dara Broussard Literature, Laptops and Learning!  Pictures

  59. SPED Casey Primeaux The Promise of Ipads in SPED Classrooms!  (Chevron "Fuel Your School) Pictures

  60. SPED Casey Primeaux The Promise of a Set of Ipads in SPED Classrooms! Round 2 Pictures

  61. Dana Frederick PE Wireless Speakers Can You Hear It Now?  (Chevron "Fuel Your School) Pictures

  62. PE Dana Frederick Targeting PE Skills With GenMove Goals & Balls!  Pictures

  63. Librarian  Schuyler Poche  Involve Me & I Learn-A Digital Twist to Ben Franklin's Words Pictures

  64. Librarian  Schuyler Poche  21st Century  Spin For Ben Franklin's "Involve Me & I Learn."  Pictures

  65. Library Dollar General $4000 "Literacy Grant" for 5 new computers, 3 iPads, headphones, iPad Accessories, Reading Apps, etc. Pictures

  66. SPED Amanda Melancon Focusing on Student Potential with Ipads  Pictures

  67. Reading Intervention Claudell Thibodeaux Reading Intervention +Laptop=Great Success Pictures

  68. SPEECH Christie Duhon Laptop Lessons in a Speech Classroom  Pictures

  69. Kylie Veazey Music/Band "Where Words Fail, Music Speaks." ~Hans Christian Anderson  Pictures

  70. Shelanne Richard Counselor "Little Photojournalists" Onboard  Pictures

The Daily Advertiser Program (School Supplies for classrooms)

  1. Adopt a Teacher Campaign Rachel Romero (The Daily Advertiser Program)

  2. Adopt a Teacher Campaign Allison Migues (The Daily Advertiser Program)

  3. Adopt a Teacher Campaign Jessica Reeves (The Daily Advertiser Program)

  4. Adopt a Teacher Campaign Dara Broussard (The Daily Advertiser Program)

  5. Adopt a Teacher Campaign Stacy Broussard (The Daily Advertiser Program)

  6. Adopt a Teacher Campaign Amanda Hebert (The Daily Advertiser Program)

  7. Adopt a Teacher Campaign Lori Porter  (The Daily Advertiser Program)

Tech for TShirt Computers



Keeping our "eyes" on technology!

Following Hurricane Rita's 2005 tidal surge which devastated the Dozier Elementary school campus and caused our displacement from 2005 until 2009, our school has worked hard to regroup and build a stronger technology program. (You can read more about our "Long Journey Home" here.)  Once we finally returned to our own school campus in the fall of 2009, we began an "Eye on Tech" campaign to bring in effective technology resources. Since that time, Dozier Elementary has set up annual campaigns in an attempt to attain "new and updated" 21st century technology resources for our students.


Eye on Technology Project #1: For this year's 2015-16 "Eye on Tech" campaign, we are using the reputable (and awesome) organization "Donorschoose" to ask for help. In short, our teachers are requesting assistance in gaining technology tools for their students. Obviously, this particular campaign relies on the generosity of businesses, parents, grandparents and/or community members for help. If you (or someone you know) would be interested in helping our individual teachers through Donorschoose, click on the links below.  Please keep in mind, any DONATION (large or small) to help our students attain more technology tools WOULD be APPRECIATED! If you would prefer making a "school donation for iPads or other technology" you may email the school leaders or tech specialist. or call Principal Karla Toups @ 337-937-6915.  To see more about Dozier Elementary's "Eye on Technology iPad Vision" click here!  You can see You can see our Video iPad Commercial here!


Eye on Technology Project #2:  We are currently in need of new computers and will host "Technology T-Shirt Tuesdays for our students. If you can help with donating new computers (Windows 7 and above), contact Principal Karla Toups at 337-937-6915. See letter here. (You may also email Karla Toups or Stacy Bodin for additional information.)



If you prefer to make a specific technology monetary donation or give computers or  iPads to the school see this link!



FUNDED PROJECTS AND DONATIONS for 2014-2015! to our fabulous DONORS!





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