Each year, the Dozier Elementary Student Council chooses a topic that focuses on bringing technology into classrooms. This year, the 2012-13 Student Council is focused on bringing iPads (and/or iPad resources) into the school. The annual commercial was created in December of 2012 to bring an awareness to those who may want to offer help with this project.  In addition to the video commercial, the school also created a "Sea of iPad Resource" site to help parents, teachers and students locating educational apps and resources.

The video and information on iPad donations may be found here!  Pictured for their “iPad Commercial” are Student Council Officers: (left to right) Izzy Esteb (President); Nikki LeBlanc (Secretary); Jacques Touchet (Vice President); Lane LeBlanc (Reporter); Lane Toups (Treasurer) and Dax Hoffpauir (Parliamentarian).  Want to donate an iPad 2 or a New iPad to Dozier Elementary, click here for details!

See our "Eye on Tech" iPad Commercial here!

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