Dozier Elementary's “Eye on Tech” campaign has proven fruitful in gaining classroom computers, labs and Promethean Boards since 2009. With ongoing technological advances with tablets, our next quest lies with bringing iPads into the classroom. So much so that we have already launched a “Sea of iPad Resources” website to help parents and teachers bring great apps into the home and school.  (Link )

Stacy Bodin, (part time) technology specialist/webmaster and Principal Karla Toups have created a grant to purchase an entire lab, however they both understand that receiving that amount is almost impossible.  So in an effort to help, we have decided to extend ourselves in asking local businesses to possibly contribute $600 (or any type of monetary donation) to be used to purchase iPads.

Though our wish would be to place iPad labs (mobile cart with 10, 15 or 20 ipads), we are realistic in this endeavor. We could begin small and place a few in the school. In fact, our goal this year’s goal would be to place at least one iPad at each of the seven grade levels to start.

 If your business would be interested in donating toward one or more iPads, or even in making a small monetary donation, please contact the school. If you or anyone else wants to make a small personal contribution, that would also be wonderful.

For more information, you may email Stacy Bodin at, or text her at 337-339-7394. Due to her hearing disability, she doesn't accept phone calls,  but would gladly answer any questions via email. Or contact Karla Toups, Natalie Hebert @ 337-937-6915.

You can see our "Eye on Tech" iPad Edition Commercial here!

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