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2010 Elementary Vermilion Parish
"Support Person of the Year!"

Mrs. Vicky Labit was named the Elementary Vermilion Parish 2010 "Support Person of the Year!" Mrs. Labit is the cafeteria manager for both Dozier and LeBlanc Elementary in 2009-2010. She is currently the Dozier Elementary Cafeteria Manager at Dozier Elementary.

Labit was hired in July, 2001 for the Cafeteria Manager of Henry Elementary and was there until Hurricane Ritaís flooding caused the school to close. She then helped with Erath Middle while being platooned at JH Williams. Following that, she then took the Cafeteria Managerís at Dozier Elementary and has been there since then.

During the 2009-2010 term, she worked as Cafeteria Manager at both Dozier and LeBlanc Elementary schools as a temporary solution. Next year, she will be the Cafeteria Manager for Dozier Elementary. Labit credits her cafeteria technicians at both schools for making her job easier.

Labit is married to Rickey Labit and have three sons, Jeromy, Scott, and Benjamin. The couple lives in Henry.


Pictured are LeBlanc Elementary Assistant Principal Kimberly Etie', Vicky Labit, Superintendent Randy Schexnayder and Dozier Elementary Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert.
Elementary Vermilion Parish  "Support Person of the Year!"
Cafeteria Manager Vicky Labit
Dozier Elementary Cafeteria Pictured are Doris Captville, Monica B. Hebert,  Cafeteria Manager Vicky Labti, Rebecca Toups and Althea Comeaux.

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