In Loving Memory of Johnnie Suire

Former Dozier Elementary Principal and Erath educator Johnnie Suire passed away on Monday, May 10, 2010 at the age of 89 years old. Mr. Suire was a positive force in Erath education is remembered fondly by the students he taught during his tenure, as well as those he led in his years as Principal at Dozier Elementary. Mr. Suire was Dozier Elementary's Principal after it was renovated and it reopened in 1972. He remained Principal until his retirement in 1980. Suire was Principal when the current Principal Karla Desormeaux Toups attended Dozier Elementary.

Mr. Johnnie's granddaughter Mary Domingues LeBlanc is looking to collect memories for her mother and the daughter of Mr. Suire.  Feel free to send her those.  Her message on Facebook stated: "Johnnie Suire impacted many lives with his unique teaching techniques, math shortcuts, tricks. If anyone has memories of my grandfather as a teacher, principal, or friend, please email and attach a WORD doc to I am his granddaughter and will compile a booklet of stories for his only daughter, Mrs. Rickey Suire Domingues/"

Johnnie Suire as Dozier's Principal Mr. Suire at 89 years old.
Photos of Johnnie Suire and others at the 1972 reopening of Dozier Elementary. Mrs. Domingues' Dozier Elementary Class (Graduating class of 1985)
Marilyn Dufrene's Dozier Elementary Class (Graduating class of 1987) Johnnie Suire, Sherry Trahan and Ralph Thibodeaux

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