In Loving Memory of Our Counselor
Glenn Roy Leblanc

"We Care"

March 26, 1939-July 15, 2013

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  • B.A. USL 1962

  • M.A. La. Tech 1970--60 hour hours post graduate work from Nicholls State University and USL 1971-1977


  • Began teaching in Delcambre 1962--English and History. (1963-1968)

  • Abbeville High --High School -English.-1987-2007

  • J.H.Williams Middle School-Reading- 2008-09  School Year

  • Erath Middle School--Counselor 2009

  • Dozier Elementary---Counselor since August 2009-May 2013


"I enjoy the constant interaction with  the faculty, parents,

 and students. I view my job as a  problem solver and

 I get a great deal of  satisfaction doing that. I 

 also enjoy promoting my school because of the

 administration, faculty, and student body."


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