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Glenn Roy Leblanc

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Dozier remembers Glenn Roy LeBlanc and welcomes new counselor

If the popular Albert Einstein quote “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” holds any truth to it, the life of Vermilion Parish Educator, the late Glenn Roy LeBlanc was not only worthwhile, but one which left footprints in the lives of those who knew him.


Seventy four year old educator Glenn Roy LeBlanc lost a short battle with cancer July 15, 2013, leaving an educational legacy which spanned four decades. The news of his sudden death shook the school, community, former colleagues and students across Vermilion Parish. Hundreds of messages filled the Erath School and Community facebook page stating his effect on the lives he touched.


Glenn Roy LeBlanc began his forty year teaching journey in Delcambre in 1962. From there, he worked at JHW, Abbeville High and Erath Middle, before becoming the Dozier Elementary counselor in 2009.

His personal quote on his faculty page on the Dozier Elementary website summarized his role at DES: "I enjoy the constant interaction with the faculty, parents, and students. I view my job as a problem solver and I get a great deal of satisfaction doing that. I also enjoy promoting my school because of the administration, faculty, and student body."

LeBlanc’s family was so touched with the outpouring of messages online they shared a message on the Dozier Elementary website and Erath School and Community facebook page in days following his death. “We would like to express our gratitude to everyone for their continued prayers and support. Thank you all for sharing your memories of him with us on the lovely tributes on the Dozier Elementary website and the Erath School News Facebook page. He was truly one of a kind - a great husband, father, friend, teacher, and counselor. He was our rock and we love him. ~Cheryl, Chantel, Glenn & Kim LeBlanc~”


Dozier Elementary Principal Karla Toups shared her thoughts by saying “Mr. Glenn loved Dozier, his job, the students and simply put, it showed. She added “he was readily available to lend a hand at all times and was always willing to learn new things. He truly transitioned from secondary education to elementary with surprising ease. Our Dozier children and faculty loved him!” Toups ended with “but the most impressive thing for me was how comfortable he and the children were with each other…. He always ‘knew’ the right thing to say to a child.”


In the wake of LeBlanc’s death, Dozier Elementary opened their doors in August of 2013 with students and parents greeted by the face of new counselor, Shelanne Richard. Though Richard, has been an educator in Vermilion Parish for 18 years and a familiar face at Dozier, her job is new to the school.


Shelanne Richard, a 1991 Erath High and 1995 UL graduate, obtained her Masters Degree in Guidance & Counseling in 2000. She went on to her receive Educational Leadership Certification in 2008 and Pre-K-K Certification 2011.


Richard worked as a teacher at Seventh Ward Elementary, Dozier Elementary and Erath Middle. She also worked at a Curriculum Facilitator at the Central Office for a few years. In 2011, she made the decision to return to Dozier Elementary as a 3rd grade teacher.

Some of her awards through the years have included: Seventh Ward Teacher of the Year; 1998 St. Jude's Hospital Fundraiser Award; Dozier Teacher of the Year in 2003-2004 and Vermilion Parish Teacher of the Year in 2003-2004. She was also the first educator in Vermilion Parish to achieve National Board Certification in 2003.


Richard who like everyone else, was shocked and saddened by his sudden death stated “Although Mr. Glenn Roy and I had many conversations about my plans to eventually become counselor, we were planning for a transition when he would retire. No one however expected it to happen so soon or this way.” Richard also shared, “As I begin this next chapter in my life, despite the cloud of grief hovering over Dozier Elementary right now, I will remember Mr. Leblanc’s words of confidence he offered me when we had our ‘counselor’ discussions.”


The new counselor ended by sharing “Just as he did, I will continue spreading my smile, peace, and happiness throughout the school. I know Mr. Leblanc is (and will always be) an angel on my shoulder.”


As the Vermilion Parish school system bid good-bye in July, embedded in Glenn Roy LeBlanc’s decades of service were two very clear messages. First he made a difference with his educational legacy and second, he undoubtedly lived a life worthwhile.


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