Dozier is an "A" School!


As a reward for Dozier Elementary being named an "A" school in December, the student body and teachers were treated to a school-wide "A" School Tailgating Celebration on Friday, February 12, 2016. The school score had a major jump in terms of points this year and for the first time ever, now held the elusive "A" status they'd been striving for.

When Principal Karla Toups made the announcement to the public through the Erath School and Community Facebook page and the school's website, it was crystal clear where she felt credit fell with for the school's new rating.


The message shared by Toups stated:

"It is with great pride to announce that today, Dozier Elementary achieved a rating as an 'A' school! Our school score was 106.4. Which was a 15.8 increase from last year.

First, I am truly grateful to our Dozier Elementary faculty and staff who strive daily to provide a wonderful learning environment which keeps our students working hard and doing their best! With that said, let me add that I am EXTREMELY proud of our hard working Dozier STUDENTS who not only made Dozier Elementary an 'A' school this year but who work HARD daily! We have such AWESOME students!

I have to thank our wonderful Erath community for their ongoing support for our school through the years. Also, I'd like express my gratitude to the Central Office leaders who helped guide us through our journey, not only this year, but in past years as well. They were (and are) always just a phone call or email away with their help, support and guidance! The Dozier Educators appreciate them more than they realize! Finally, I have to offer a 'huge pat on the back' and a sincere thank you to our amazing PARENTS who play a vital role in the success of our school every, single day!

As the saying goes, 'It takes a village....' It truly does! We all worked together to achieve this goal. So, today I want to offer a sincere and truly heartfelt 'thank you' to all in our 'village' who offered support, guidance and hard work to achieve our school wide goal this year!"

For their "A" school tailgating party to celebrate their new found school rating and score, the students were allowed to wear "team shirts" with jeans as an additional reward. The school provided brown bag lunches for the students to have an outdoor picnic.

Students brought towels and snacks to celebrate their new "A" rating on the playground. Music and dancing activities were provided by PE teacher Dana Mouton, while teachers had games to play. The students also were able to enjoy the school's playground monkey bars, swings and other equipment.
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