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Dozier Elementary's 5th grade teachers have been utilizing the Chevron resources and computer lab all year. The students in both Science sections recently completed rock investigations using the rock resources with the Chevron cart.  Teachers DeEtte Bigot, Andrea Bernard, Jill Viator and Suzette Stutes are utilizing the computer lab daily for lessons with Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies and Math. Students have worked with writing assignments, research projects, webquests, VMath, timelines and more using the computers in the lab.  Shown below are photos of students in Bigot and Bernard's Science class working with rock investigations. Also shown are pictures of Suzette Stutes using the lab. Full story below.

A Tapestry of Science, Technology and Kids!

Entering classrooms today certainly brings different visions than those of yesteryear. With educational technology and cooperative learning trends bringing change, classroom settings have changed considerably the last two decades. As technology integration is becoming more important, teachers are learning how to seamlessly mesh the curriculum and technology. With what the school has in place and a vision for growth, Dozier Elementary has a goal to move forward by utilizing current technology resources, and a hope of gaining new ones as well.

After Hurricane Rita's Flooding in 2005, Chevron donated money which brought an array of productive resources to the district. Funds were earmarked to purchase science carts, classroom projectors and mobile labs for all parish schools. The goal of the science equipment lies with investigative and hands on activities that will engage the students successfully.

Dozier Elementary teachers like others in the parish, have been utilizing the Chevron Science Cart resources. Recently, Science teachers DeEtte Bigot and Andrea Bernard had all 5th graders at the school participating in hands on investigations to learn more about rocks. The resources in the project were items in the school’s science cart. The hands on learning experience and tools helped the students not only learn about rocks, but it also helped them investigate, document and analyze their data.

In addition to the Science resources, the Dozier 5th grade team has been using schools’ computer lab, with the four teachers working around weekly schedules to check out the lab daily. Dozier's 5th grade team of teachers DeEtte Bigot, Andrea Bernard, Jill Viator and Suzette Stutes are utilizing the computer lab with an assortment of lessons for reading, writing, science, social studies and math. With the addition of the lab to their classroom computers, the teachers are actively integrating technology in their classrooms by working with writing assignments, graphing, research projects, webquests, VMath Live, creating timelines and more. Teachers at all grade levels are utilizing classroom computers as well to mesh the curriculum with technology.

Dozier Elementary recently completed their five year technology plan and its wake, began a new journey by launching a "Digital Wish-Technology" Campaign to broaden the school's technology vision toward continued growth. Digital Wish is a free organization which connects donors and schools. Any person or group can donate funds or purchase technology tools for Dozier classrooms online. (More information about donations and the project can be found  on the Dozier Elementary site @

The mission behind the campaign is to regain some smaller items lost in Hurricane Rita such as grade level digital cameras and software. Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert stated that “with grade level student cameras and flip cameras, we could move toward productive digital storytelling projects with the students.”  The school is also looking to upgrade several older computers and gain additional reading and math software for their daily technology centers and intervention periods.

Principal Karla Toups stated that “the platform for the Digital Wish-Technology Campaign is for continued growth with technology integration, meshed with the core curriculum subjects to produce effective 21st Century classrooms.”


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