Pre K's Louisiana Day 

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Riding on the cusp of the New Orleans Saints Superbowl excitement and Mardi Gras, Dozier Elementary’s Pre K teachers planned fun filled activities for their annual Louisiana Unit this year. Music, food, family and cross curriculum lessons with a Cajun twist brought “a taste of
Louisiana” to the classrooms during a two week unit on the state.


During the unit from the Comprehensive curriculum, Pre K teachers Angie Detraz and Ashlie (Bernard) Landry taught several lessons on the state meshing hands-on activities and technology, while touching on cultural aspects of music, traditions and food.

Between the two classes, food such as boudin, beignets, cracklins, king cake, pralines and more tasted by the students. Music was brought to the classroom as well with music teacher Mike Vizier toting a saxophone entertaining the students by playing “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

As a culminating activity for their Louisiana Unit, Landry and Detraz hosted a “Louisiana Day” for their students. Due to the Superbowl event, Dozier students and faculty were allowed to wear “Saints” and “Who Dat?” shirts to support the Louisiana team. Without a doubt, the spirit of the New Orleans Saints trip to the Superbowl and the upcoming Mardi Gras festivities added excitement to the Louisiana festivities during this year’s Pre K Unit.

With crawfish donated by Lance Broussard and Dorothy Tahn, the culminating activity involved parents being invited to eat boiled crawfish with their child for a “taste of Louisiana” during their February 4th celebration.


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Lane during Louisiana Day. He is a student in Angie Detraz's class.


Avery Grace and her mom Hope.

Avery Grace and her mom Hope.

Mrs. Ashlie's husband helping out.

Ms. Fran helping out. (Mrs. Ashlie's Class)

Eating crawfish!

Eating crawfish!

Eating crawfish!

Mrs. Fran peeling for Cole and Alan

Mrs. Jeanne and Emma

Sage sits enjoying boiled crawfish with his dad Shane and Captain Lance Broussard.

Sage and his mom Sadie (Mrs. Ashlie's Class)

Trista and her parents

Ms. Loretta helping out. (Ms. Angie's Class)

Brock - Mrs. Jan, & Mrs. Jeanne

Avery Grace and mom Hope

Parents and students enjoying crawfish.

Music teacher Mike Vizier is pictured playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" for Angie Detraz's class.

Dylan and Ann-Rachel enjoying crawfish with their parents.

Ms. Angie's class with their Saints hats.

Mrs. Ashlie's Class with Captain Lance (who donated the crawfish).

Riley Nicole & Alysa

Alex and her dad Chucky

Kynnedi & Kent

Cooper and his mom Allison (Mrs. Ashlie's class)



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