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Groovy Day!

As Dozier Elementary students gathered for school and Easter Egg Hunts on Friday March 26th, most of them looked as if they were attending a 1960's function instead of heading to Easter parties, Easter Egg Hunts and more at school. Aside from having a ten day spring break, the students had two other reasons for their excitement the Friday before the Easter break started. The obvious reason would be their Easter parties/Egg Hunts at school. The second reason was the school wide "Groovy Day" as part of their PBS program. Students gathered dressed as hippies, bikers and characters from the 60's and 70's era as part of the PBS (Positive Behavior Program). The students earned the "dress up groovy day" by earning PBS Bobcat Bucks.The students were able to also able to attend a special "outdoor" Jazz Fest Concert with the help of the Erath High School Band under the direction of EHS Band Director Kenny Broussard. See photos below the slideshow.


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