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2010 Spring Fling
Dozier's "Spring Fling"

As the school year across the parish winds down, it usually ends with fun filled activities to reward students for a year of hard work. The PBS (Positive Behavior Support) parish wide program is one that brings special celebrations to the schools. PBS is a program which was implemented a few years ago to reward positive behavior for students.

On Thursday, May 20, 2010, Dozier Elementary hosted their PBS “end of the year” celebration.  With broad smiles, squeals and laughter, evident was how much the students were enjoying their fun filled day.

The event titled “Dozier Elementary’s PBS Spring Fling” was a school wide event in which students who “earned” Bobcat Bucks could attend.  With the help of Principal Karla Toups, Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert, the PBS school committee, many parents and community members, the “Spring Fling” had a variety of fun events for the students.

The north end of the school campus was filled with several fun jumps and huge slides. Games were offered on the school playground. Some of those included were egg races, sack races, picking ducks, ring toss and more. One special activity involved a dunking booth with Dozier’s Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert sitting in the booth.

Indoors, the students were able go on mini shopping sprees with their bobcat bucks. Items such as bobcat water bottles, toys, frisbees, small stuff animals, etc. were on hand to purchase.

A number of generous parents were available to offer their time and energy to help with the success of the program. In addition to the many outdoor activities, parents also assisted with indoor fun such as face painting and worked as photographers to snap “beach style” photographs of the children with friends or classmates.  As the children wandered the large playground for games, shopped indoors for gifts, had their beach picture taken or their face painted, the one constant during the entire day at Dozier Elementary involved broad smiles on the faces of the children who earned their time at their positive behavior event!


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