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Teacher Appreciation Week 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week: “Back in the Past” (Photos)

If you walked into Dozier Elementary the week of May 2nd through 8th, the experience was similar to walking into a time machine. Principal Karla Toups and Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert, a couple of week prior to Teacher Appreciation week, issued a challenge to their faculty and staff.  The fun filled challenge for Teacher Appreciation Week was for each group to bring past decades to life at the school. The leaders assigned 4 teams to decorate halls, find costumes and bring in artifacts from past generations. 

The main hall was assigned the roaring 20’s decade, while the 2nd grade and cafeteria halls were decorated with a 70’s theme. The Pre K, 3rd and 4th grade hall worked on the 80’s decade, while the outdoor buildings (consisting of 5th grade and SPED) decorated with the rock and roll 50’s style.  Each group brought in actual historical facts into their halls for each decade. In the library, each team also created a special display with actual artifacts or items which represented their era.

On Thursday evening at 6:00, the administrators invited the faculty and staff to a special celebration at Bonie Soiree to express their appreciation for a year of hard work. By Friday, the school was transformed with decades of past memories emerging in each hall. Teachers walked the halls as flapper girls, Charlie Chaplin, Co Co Chanel, aviators, movie starts, baseball players, Henry Ford, the Pink Ladies, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, waitresses at drive ins, groovy ladies and 80’s style girls who looked like they were visiting from the movie “Girls Just Want to Have Fun!”

At the end of the day, the student body was invited to a program. After the program, teachers competed in contests involving hula hoops, the rubrics cube and more. The competition ended with the “roaring 20’s” winning the challenge, but all left with fun filled memories of a week that brought decades to life for them and the many people who walked into their school that week!


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