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The 4H Club, Bud Club, and Student Council members at Dozier will be conducting a coin drive to raise money to send to their school for teachers and students to replace what they lost.  We are asking that over the next couple of weeks you donate any loose change you have at home.   Larger monetary donations will also be accepted.   Every little bit counts, so we would greatly appreciate your help in our efforts. The coin drive will begin Thursday, May 5th and end Friday, May 13th.

      Hackleburg Elementary school is an elementary school in Hackleburg, Alabama that has been determined a total loss from the damaging tornados last week. Hackleburg Elementary (in Marion County) is a school of about 550 children in a small town similar to Erath. Dozier Elementary would like to adopt their school and help them get back on their feet, as many schools throughout the United States did for us during Hurricane Rita.


Please help us give back to a school and community who needs a helping hand! Email this link to a friend! Have questions, click on any of the names below and send an email to any of the leaders and/or sponsors!  

Thank you for your assistance,


Stacy Broussard Bud Club Sponsor  

Lori Porter, 4H Club Sponsor  

Schulyer Poche, Student Council Sponsor  

Karla Toups, Dozier Elementary Principal  

Natalie Hebert, Dozier Assistant Principal  

Help Us Help Hackleburg Elementary

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See the article!

Though our funding was earmarked toward Hackleburg Elementary, we wanted to share the clip below. The video below is an clip from Hackleburg High School, another heavily damaged school in Hackleburg, Alabama.  Anyone can make a direct deposit to Marion County schools by clicking here as well.

Download our parent letter!

Video clip of Hackleburg High Damages (We don't have a video clip of Hackleburg Elementary at this time.)

Loss of schools tears at communities across Ala

Video and Article of Hackleburg, AL News 

NWS confirms EF-5 tornado in Hackleburg

Helpful Links: Red Cross Link, Salvation Army Link, State Based (AL) Governor's Help Site, ABC News Help Link

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