Dozier pays it forward….

Paying it forward is common phrase in society today.  Dozier Elementary recently decided to just that by choosing to adopt an Alabama Elementary school to help after devastating tornados ravaged Alabama in late April.

Dozier Elementary is a school that knows all too well what simple kindness can offer to those in need. In 2005, Hurricane Rita’s flooding put them on a long four year journey to rebuild their school and find their way home.

During the 2005-06 year, schools in California and Virginia sent school items and monetary donations to get them started in the process. With an ongoing appreciation of those acts of kindness, this Vermilion Parish School decided to pay it forward by holding a “coin drive” for one school affected by the line of horrendous tornadoes which touched down in their community.

 After doing research and reading articles, Student Council Sponsor Schuyler Poche, 4H Sponsor Lori Porter, Clover Bud Sponsor Stacy Broussard, Principal Karla Toups and their groups, decided to join forces to “adopt” Hackleburg Elementary in Marion County Alabama.

The Dozier Student Council Officers, 4H and Clover Bud groups joined hands to collect money to help one elementary school damaged by tornadoes. Pictured are: (Sitting) Madison Menard, Chloe Landry, Shrayon Thibodeaux, Lane LeBlanc, Brad Lapointe, (Kneeling) Jennah Detraz, MacKenzie Hargrave, Caroline Poche, Morgan Alleman, Gracie Langham, Cameron Carpenter, Shea Duplechain, Brennan Felix, Justin Mouton, Jacob Matthews. Back: Melanie Alleman (Student Council Sponsor), Lori Porter (4H Leader), Schuyler Poche (Student Council Sponsor) and Principal Karla Toups. (Not pictured is Stacy Broussard the Clover Bud Sponsor).

The school is currently displaced and will resume classes in the church basements on Monday, May 9, 2011 according a local nurse practitioner Charlotte Fremin Davis, who currently resides in the Hackleburg area.  Davis was the 1st contact person Dozier made with the Hackleburg area. She is a native of New Iberia which has been in Alabama for 30 years.

A commercial made by the clubs and Student Council, is currently posted on their site and asks the community to help Hackleburg Elementary. Principal Karla Toups stated that Dozier Elementary “set up a special page with the commercial, as well as Hackleburg School links and videos on Dozier’s webs site @”

4H Sponsor Lori Porter also shared that “Dozier’s site has a link leading directly to the Marion County school District and Hackleburg schools where direct donations to the Marion County schools can be via Paypal and/or credit cards.”  She added “the Red Cross link was on the site as well.”

Student Council Sponsor Schuyler Poche stated that “even though Hackleburg Elementary is the targeted school for Dozier, the website also shares the Hackleburg High School link which is another school needing assistance.

Stacy Broussard, the Clover Bud Sponsor said that “Dozier decided their “Help Us Help Hackleburg Elementary Coin Drive” would run from May 5th through May 13th.   

With paying it forward theme in mind, one area educator added “We can't promise a large amount of money, but we hope they know that our hearts are tied to that donation.”

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