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A Very Special "Thanks" to Hess!

Hess Donations Round 2 for Dozier Elementary

In November of 2010, the Hess company donated $6500 to Dozier Elementary earmarked to purchase five Promethean Boards for classrooms.

On Friday morning, March 4th, Hess representatives returned to the Erath elementary school to donated an additional $15,000 to help assist the school's "Eye on Tech" campaign. The school is looking to purchase mobile labs.

During the visit, Principal Karla Toups guided the Johnny Lindsey and Shelby Bernard around the school. The group stopped in Amy Champagne's first grade class for a demonstration on how Champagne and her students are utilizing their Promethean Board.

Pictured is 1st grade Claire Watson in Amy Champagne's first grade class demonstrating a Promethean Board flip chart lesson for Hess representatives Johnny Lindsey and Shelby Bernard. Hess donated $6500 for Promethean Boards in November. Amy Champagne's class was one who received a board. On March 4th, Hess returned with an additional $15,000 for mobile lab purchases.

Hess Donates Toward Dozier Elementary-Technology Campaign. Hess reps Shelby Bernard and Johnny Lindsey are shown bringing a $15,000 check to Principal Karla Toups and  Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert to help with Dozier Elementary's "Eye on Tech" school wide technology campaign.  This round of funding will help with purchasing mobile labs in the school This is the company's 2nd donation since November. They donated $6500 toward Promethean Boards this past fall.

Pictured in front of their Promethean Board is Amy Champagne's 1st grade class at Dozier Elementary  with Hess Reps Shelby Bernard and Johnny Lindsey as well as school leaders, Karla Toups and Natalie Hebert. The Hess company donated $6500 in November of 2010 which was earmarked toward 5 Promethean Boards in the school. Champagne's 1st grade classroom was one room to get a Promethean Board. Champagne and her 1st grade students demonstrated the board to both Bernard and Lindsey during their visit. Champagne's class also created a special "thank you" video with their flip camera to express their gratitude for their Promethean Board.

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