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With a strong belief that education of children is a partnership between home and school, Dozier Elementary works hard to connect the two. The school now offers resources for parents to check out items to assist with home studies, in addition to an abundance of helpful interactives on their website @

In October, three events were scheduled to help parents as well. The first event was their “Reading Connection Day” held on October 12th to bring parents into the classroom.  On October 13th, parents were invited during their child's math times as well. The two days were designed to give parents an opportunity to view first hand typical reading and math lessons. 

On the evening of October 13, 2010, the school held its annual iLeap and LEAP night to share information with the parents concerning state testing in the spring.  

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Dozier Elementary strongly believes that the education of children is a partnership between home and school.  Parental involvement and engagement in the learning process is crucial to the academic and social development of students.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the educational process.

We are planning a “Reading Connections Day” on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 and a “Math Connections Day” on Wednesday, October 13, 2010.  These days are designed to give parents an opportunity to view first hand a typical reading and math lesson.  We are hoping that the lesson will give you a better insight on how reading and math are taught in the classroom. 

On this day, please be on time so that you may observe an entire lesson.  Upon entering the classroom, take a seat in the designated area.  After the lesson if you have questions or concerns regarding your child, please stop by the office to leave a message or request a conference with the teacher.

Teacher/Grade Level

Reading Time

Math Time




First Grade



Second Grade



Third Grade


Stacy Broussard 9:15-10:15 & 12:30-1:15
Melissa Romero 8:45-9:45 & 12:30-1:15

Fourth Grade

Kay Lurry 8:50-9:35 & 12:50-1:35
Jennifer Toups 9:40-10:25 & 1:00-1:45

Lori Porter 8:40-9:40 & 12:35-1:35
Maleigha Viator 8:40-9:40 & 10:40-11:40

Fifth Grade

Sadie Suire 8:45-9:45 & 12:45-1:15/1:45-2:15
Jill Viator 8:50-9:50 & 11:20-12:15

Jenny Domingues 8:45-9:45 & 11:15-12:15
Andrea Bernard 8:10-9:10 & 11:15-12:15


Karla Toups


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Please complete the following information and return it to school by Monday, October 11th, so that we may adequately prepare.  Due to limited seating in the classrooms only parents or guardians will be allowed in the classrooms. 

Child’s Name:

Reading Teacher:

Parent’s Name:

Math Teacher:

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