Dozier Elementary Student Council News

In the fall of 2011, Dozier Elementary elected Student Council officers. As with all schools, the student council assists the school in a number of ways.

The first project on this year's agenda in November involved creating a video commercial for the school's "Eye on Tech" program. The goal was simply to spotlight their growing technology program and their tech needs. The video was placed on the Dozier Elementary site and has been used in applying for grants, and to promote technology in the school.

Another project recently involved inviting "Easter Bunny" to Dozier to visit with the Pre K through 2nd grade students. The Student Council members accompanied the bunny to share some treats in the classrooms.

Each year, the Dozier Elementary Student Council assists Principal Karla Toups and Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert with the state testing pep rally. Again this year, the Student Council was on hand for skits which helped reinforce test taking skits prior to the test. An additional twenty 5th grade students also participated this year for the presentation of the skits. The pep rally included Erath High Cheerleaders and the XTreme Dance Team, as well.

One final project planned for the Student Council group involves the group helping during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

The 2011-12 Student Council Officers are: Kaylee Faulk- President; Andrew Sonnier-Vice President; Alex Granger- Reporter; Catherine Hebert-Treasurer; Camyrn Hebert- Parliamentarian, and Camyrn Delcambre-Secretary.

The 2011-12 Dozier Elementary Student Council Officers filmed an "Eye on Technology Video" on November 11th. The video has been used with grants and promote technology at the school. Shown are: Andrew Sonnier- Vice President; Kaylee Faulk- President; Alex Granger-Reporter; Catherine Hebert-Treasurer; Camyrn Hebert- Parliamentarian and Camyrn Delcambre-Secretary.
Pictured is Dozier Elementary Student Council President Kaylee Faulk participating in the "Eye on Tech" video commercial this past November.
The Student Council is pictured giving the Easter Bunny a thumbs up after the group visited the Pre K through 2nd grade classrooms at Dozier Elementary. The group was instrumental in getting the Easter Bunny to visit the school.

The Dozier Elementary Student Council, leaders and more than twenty additional 5th graders worked hand in hand to produce a successful iLeap/Leap Pep Rally on April 11, 2012. Pictured with the Student Council and a group of 5th graders are (left) Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert and (right) Principal Karla Toups.


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