Parish Winners

1st Place Kelbi LaShare Monologue

2nd Place Julia Toups Poetry
1st Place Poetry Mackay Suire
2nd Place John Micheal Shiner Monologue

Dozier Elementary 3rd and 4th Grade Division:

1st Poetry Julia Toups 4th Grade (Dance)
2nd Place Makay Suire 4th Grade (Sick)
1st Place Monologue Kelbi Lashare 4th Grade (That's Me, Jill)
2nd Place Monologue John Michael Shiner 3rd Grade (The Big Bad Wolf)
1st Place Group: Heather Rabassa and Calli Roper 4th Grade (Hurricane Rita)
2nd Place Nikki LeBlanc and Braxton Gary 4th Grade (Life Doesn't Frighten Me)

Dozier Elementary 5th-6th Grade Division

1st Poetry Zain Mire Grade 5 (City in the Sea)
2nd Place Alex Granger Grade 5 (Warm Pure)
1st place group: Maddie Hebert and Bailee Pridgen Grade 5 (Get Out of Bed)
2nd Place Group: Emma Lirette and Kiah Duplecian Grade 5 (Me and Him)


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