Free "Box Top" Recess with Erath High Football Players, Cheer and Dance members

Dozier Elementary Students "Free" Box Top Recess Fun!

On February 7, 2014, Dozier Elementary Principal Karla Toups and Assistant Principal offered a unique opportunity for the students who met their box top quota. The school hosted a unique activity that included exercise, football, and fun during an “extra recess” earned by students. The students who met their quota for their box top returns were allowed a free blue and white dress day, as well as a free recess that was led by several Erath High Football Players, Cheerleaders and Dance Team. The “free recess” had students playing football, exercising and participating in cheers led by the Erath High students.

The Erath High students who attended with Erath High Principal Marc Turner were: (Cheerleaders), Caitlin Domingues, Catherine Domingues, Lena Issa, Bailey Strother, Raleigh Toups, Brooke Langlinais, Ashleigh Walker, Diana Serrano, Jordan Nunez, Jenna Allen, Mia Bourg, Ahna Hebert, Maci Viator, (Dance Team members) Emily Delcambre, Alix Puyau, Marina White, (Football players) Alec Toups, Tyler Guidry, Jordan Sonnier, Nick Bourg, Sam Domingues, Jace Harrington, Brett Delcambre and Broc Hidalgo. Erath High's Mascot Bobby the Bobcat was also a special guest at the event!


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