Dozier Elementary Moves Forward with iPads

When new school leaders Karla Toups and Natalie Hebert began their journey at Dozier Elementary in 2009, they sat with (part time) tech specialist Stacy Bodin to discuss the role technology would play in upcoming years. The trio agreed that technology would not only be a component in the school’s new agenda, but it would be made a priority.  

The school’s “Eye on Tech” campaign emerged and since that time, the school has worked diligently each year by applying for grants and striving for continued growth.  In conjunction with their quest, a decision was made to tie in their school website to promote their “Eye on Tech” journey as well. The main purpose is has been to keep updated technology goals known to the community at all times. In addition to that in 2011, the group set up an new “Sea of iPad Resources” website to assist parents and teachers with apps to ease into the use of iPads in the classroom, as well as at home.

Since the campaign was launched, grants with groups such as the Erath 4th of July Association, Hess, Sparrows, Digital Wish Foundation, KATC Tools for Schools, Dollar General Literacy Grants, Donorschoose, as well as private donors have assisted through the past few years to gain technology resources in classrooms.

The first group to donate during the 2009-2010 year was the Erath 4th of July Association. Each year for the past five years, the school has submitted a grant to this community oriented organization in hope of bringing effective technology tools to the school. The group recently funded the fifth grant for the school and after five years, the Erath 4th of July Association has donated a total $10,700.  The donated monies were earmarked specifically for technology equipment involving computers, Promethean Boards, and now iPads.

Erath 4th of July President Robert B. Vincent commented the reason the group feels a strong pull toward placing technology at the school lies with two things at Dozier. He stated that “The Dozier Elementary faculty has demonstrated a commitment to use the most up to date technology to provide quality educational opportunities for the children of Erath.” He added, “the daily use of this technology has impressed the board of the Erath 4th of July Association.”

Part time Tech Specialist Stacy Bodin stated “with school’s five year technology plan written in 2012, the majority of teachers voiced the need (and want) for tablets in classrooms. To move toward that goal, the school is working to achieve that through grants and professional development.” She also shared “it is a great feeling knowing that our constant journey in striving to bring 21st century technology resources truly benefits our students. Granted, it hasn’t been an easy journey, but our students, teachers and leaders are so appreciative of what we have received.”

During the 2012-2013 school year, Dozier leaders moved toward testing tablets in the classroom and used Erath 4th of July funds to purchase four iPads and accessories. With this year’s 2013-2014 Erath 4th of July money, the school opted to get a bundle of ten iPad minis which were placed with ten different classroom teachers. 

In addition to the ten iPad minis, Erath native and resident Jacob Landry who learned of the school’s iPad journey donated three iPads as well. The school also gained two Special Education iPads. Counselor Shelanne Richard received an iPad Air donated in memory of (former Counselor) Glenn Roy LeBlanc by his family in the fall of 2013, making a total of sixteen additional iPads this year alone. With eight already in place, the school will end the year with twenty four iPads.

Principal Karla Toups shared “in terms of student use and the impact of iPads in the classroom, the interactivity of the tablets and targeted apps have already proven to be great tools for center use, intervention and reinforcement of needed skills. Needless to say, the teachers and students are really excited about the iPad use in the classroom.” Toups also added, “We still have a few teachers without iPads, but hopefully we can attain a few more next year. Our goal at this time is for each teacher to have at least one iPad eventually.”

Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert also commented that “a few teachers learned about a new app which allows the ‘Splashtop White Board’ iPad app to work remotely with the Promethean Board. So through the use of this app, the iPads are also being used interactively as a slate type device with our Promethean Boards in whole class lessons, as well.”

When asked, so what lies next? Bodin laughed and said, “Well, more grant writing, hard work and searching for donors of course!” She finished by saying “On a serious note, Dozier Elementary has moved forward and we are extremely proud of that, but we have a long way to go in terms of our tech journey. New technologies are always on the horizon, however in the real world, getting those resources in our classrooms obviously is never an easy task. So, in short, our “Eye on Tech” quest, coupled with hard work continues.”



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