iPad Air Donation

Recently, all thirty two Dozier Elementary educators applied for small Donorschoose.org grants to help bring more technology to the school. All grants are now listed on the website. Through the site, word got out that Dozier Elementary Counselor Shelanne Richard was hoping for a tablet to be used with her students. Richard had a pleasant surprise when an new iPad Air was donated to her in memory of former counselor Glenn Roy LeBlanc who passed away this past July. LeBlanc's family brought it to her in November. Richard stated "how appreciative she is to Mr. Glenn's family" and that she "plans on using it with her students when she works one to one, and also when she does her classroom lessons with the student body." All Donorschoose.org Dozier Elementary grants for all faculty members are on the Dozier Elementary site and also @ http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/dozier/eye/2013_14/donorsorgDES.htm.


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