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Dozier Elementary APPRECIATION Luncheon for the Erath 4th of July Association.

On May 7, 2015, Dozier Elementary leaders invited members of the Erath 4th of July Association to thank them for their recent donation toward technology at the school again this year. The group has been generous in the school's tech quest since their "Eye on Tech" campaign began in 2010. Each year, the school invites the group as a special "thank you" for their ongoing support. The 4th of July Association donated $1000 to Dozier Elementary for technology funding in March. Pictured are (front) Dozier Elementary Principal Karla Toups, Erath 4th of July President and Erath Councilman Robert Vincent, Board Member Leslie Dronet Mencacci. (back): Board Members Claudette Lacour, Jackie Vincent, Erath Mayor John Earl LeBlanc, Peggy LeBlanc and Leona Mae Poche.


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