Drug and Bully Prevention Week at Dozier Elementary

October is drug and bullying prevention month. During the week of October 24th through 28th, Dozier Elementary hosted activities to promote “Drug and Bully Free” zones.

Dozier Elementary Counselor Shelanne Richard spearheaded the week and had students participate in daily events. Skits with “anti bullying” messages were also performed by school personnel and students. Librarian Schuyler Poche' worked hand in hand with Richard to choose appropriate anti-bullying skits that demonstrated bullying tactics and resolutions to conflicts.  In addition to the duo performing skits, Betty Cormier was on hand to help her daughter Shelanne Richard as well as, Dozier Elementary custodians Georgia Alexandria and Sandra Hypolite. Older students participated in the skits, too.

Some of the daily themes during the week included dress up days. On  Monday, October 24th the theme was “Put a CAP on Bullies and Drugs" where students wore caps or hats. On Tuesday, October 25th the theme was “SOCK it to Bullies and Drugs” and students wore crazy socks. Then on Wednesday, October 26th, the theme was “My future is too BRIGHT to be a bully or do drugs.” Students wore neon colors that day.” Thursday's theme on October 27th was “Follow your DREAMS-Don’t be a bully or do Drugs” in which  students wore pajamas. The culminating activity on Friday, October 28th was a  "PEACE OUT to Bullies and Drugs” theme with students wearing groovy clothes.


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