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Dozier's Mardi Gras Parade

On Friday, February 17th, the Dozier Elementary parking lot was once again the grounds for the school's Annual Mardi Gras Parade. Pre K, Kindergarten and 1st grade students were participants in the parade, while 2nd through 5th grade students, teachers, parents and grandparents lined the outer edge of the grounds to enjoy the parade festivities.


As with other years, Pre K and K students created small floats with shoe boxes, wagons and decorated Mardi Gras items.

The role of the 1st graders in the parade was slightly different from the younger students. In Social Studies, the first grade classes were engaged in a unit revolving around different LA cultures and customs. With Mardi Gras as the most popular state event, the teachers used this time of year to strategically focus on the holiday, and simultaneously tie in Louisiana lessons involving resources, food, festivals and animals. Each student at that grade level was required to do a resource project and create a costume with a box or portable item.


Each first grade class represented a Krewe. Mrs. Rachel Romero's class was the Krewe of Louisiana Animals, Mrs. Amy Champagne's Class was the Krewe of Louisiana Resources, Mrs. Regina Caillouet's Class was the Krewe of Louisiana Foods and Mrs. Lauren Landry's Class was the Krewe of Louisiana Festivals.



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