Go Bobcats!


Dear Parents,


We would like to invite you to our Open House on Friday, September 18, from 8:30 to 10:00 as part of the Homecoming 2009 festivities. We ask that visitors adhere to the 10:00 ending time so that we can allow an early lunch for our students.  We are asking all parents and visitors to leave our campus at 10:00 to clear the drives for the parade.  Please do not check your child out at this time.


Dozier Elementary has designated this day as Blue and White Day in support of the Bobcats!  Students may wear a blue and white Erath Bobcat spirit shirt or a Dozier Elementary spirit shirt with their school uniform bottoms.  The boys may wear Bobcat jersey shirts with uniform pants.  The girls may wear Bobcat cheerleader uniforms.  Only students wearing the above items of clothes will be excused from wearing full uniforms.  (No muscle shirts or spaghetti strap shirts;  ONLY CHEEK CHEERS ALLOWED ON THE FACE, NO FACE PAINTING)


A permission slip is required for your child to walk to the parade route and view the parade.  After we watch the 12:30 Homecoming parade on Kibbe Street, all students will return to the classrooms to await an approximate 1:30 dismissal.  In the past, we have experienced an overload of parent pickups after the parade.  I am asking for your help and cooperation in this matter.  In order to have a smooth, safe, dismissal on this day please allow your child to ride the bus home as usual.  We ask the parents who regularly pick up their children to not be at school until the 1:30 dismissalNo early pickups from school on Homecoming Day, please!  This will alleviate a large amount of traffic for us as well as confusion for the children.  We ask your cooperation in these matters to insure the safety of all the children.


*Important Information

We are requesting that at any time you have a change of plans in your child’s transportation to please send a note to the teacher.  This process is very important for the safety of your child. 









Thank you for your continued cooperation,


Karla Toups, Principal

Dozier Elementary


Please return this permission slip by:  September 17, 2009

--------------------------(cut here and return the bottom portion with your child)-----------------------

I give permission for my child, _____________________________, to walk from school to Kibbe Street and watch the Erath High Homecoming parade on September 18.  Students will walk back to school and wait for an early dismissal.


__________________________________                            _______________

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