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Dozier Elementary is currently working to offer more study help at home for parents to assist their children with difficult skills or to offer reinforcement at home. In addition to the Vermilion Parish Parenting Center resources at the district level, Dozier Elementary is now offering resources for parents to check out at school. The school is also now offering more online interactive on their school site. 

Principal Karla Toups stated that "the goal of the project is to help parents reinforce skills at home." Parents/guardians may contact the school for more information on the check out system for items in the parenting center library at the school.

For additional parental help, this past summer, the school webmaster created a new site with additional grade level interactive help for parents and students as well.  Interactive grade level links are now posted on each classroom teacher's personal website as well. At this time, the check out list and additional online help is available on the website @  You can download the list of items here!

Note: The Vermilion Parish Parenting Center link is listed on Vermilion Parish site and on the Dozier Elementary site. Personal Classroom Teacher websites can be found here!

Check out items are listed below!

1.      Reading Comprehension cards--(Plants)

2.      Vocabulary  Practice Cards--(Brain Blasters)

3.      Reading Comprehension Cards--(Insects)

4.      Bingo  Sight Words Level 2 ages 5& up-- (2)

5.      Bingo Picture Words  ages 5 & up—(2)

6.      Bingo Addition ages 6 and up

7.      Bingo Subtraction ages 6 and up

8.      Math File Folder Games To Go Grade 3—(2)

9.      Center Solutions  Language Grade 2

10.  Center Solutions Math Grade 2

11.  Figurative Language practice cards level 2&3

12.  Sight Words Level A- flash cards- (3)

13.  Following Directions level 2&3

14.  Logic & Reasoning level 2&3

15.  Figurative Language Practice cards level 2&3

16.  Logic & Reasoning Practice Cards level 2&3

17.  Fact or Opinion  Practice Cards level 5&6

18.  Fact or Opinion Practice Cards level 2&3

19.  5  Super Bright Flash Cards 100 per pk ( index)

20.  Word- Building Mini-Book Set  K-12

21.  High-Frequency Word tiles PREK-1

22.  Match, Trace, and Write Number Mats K-1—(2)

23.  5 Dry Erase Boards

24.  Sight Words Level 1

25.  Addition  Flash Cards- (5)

26.  Sight words in a flash levels 2&3

27.  Sight Words Level B-flash cards—(2)

28.  Numbers  0-100  Flash Cards- (2)

29.  Alphabet  puzzle cards age 3

30.  Phonics flash cards letter D—(2)

31.  Picture word puzzles ages 3 & up—(2)

32.  Triple play Beginning sounds

33.  Picture Words  flash cards from 0-100

34.  Quick Pix Multiplication Game

35.  Money Match Me Ages 6&up—(2)

36.  7 index cards colors

37.  4 book rings

38.  2 packs dry erase markers

39.  Triple play card games

40.  Pizza Math Ages 4&up

41.  123 Farmyards  math game 4 & up

42.  Money Flash Cards—(2)

43.  Picture Words Flash Cards—(2)

44.  Inside Answers  Alphabet Ages 3&up

45.  Triple Play letter sounds

46.  Money Flash Cards 6&up

47.  Sight Words Level 1 6&up

48.  Inside Answers  Alphabet 3 &up

49.      Subtraction Flash Cards-(5)

50.      123  number game ages 3-6

51.      Sight Words level B  Flash Cards

52.      Read-Along with CD

  • The Relatives Came

  •  The /Snowy Day

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

  •  The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear

  • Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express

  •  Rotten Ralph Helps Out

  •  Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

  • Luanne Pig in the Perfect Family

  • Sheila Rae, The Brave

  •  Stone Soup

  • The Gingerbread boy

  • The Case of the Missing Monkey

  • Minnie the Moo, The Case of the Missing Jelly Donut

  •  The Snow Walker

  • Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble

  • Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea

53.       Read Aloud Take Home Pack

  •  Tumble Bumble

  • Who Hops

  • My Five Senses

  • On the Farm

  • This is Baseball

  • Growing Vegetable Soup

  • Creepy Beetles

  • Fantastic Frogs

  • Bunny Cakes

  • Building a House

  •  If the Dinosaur Came Back

  • Amelia’s Fantastic Flight

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly

  •  Eek!  There’s a Mouse in the House

  • The Bags I am Taking to Grandma’s

  •  Jump Frog Jump

54.       Homework Chart

55.      Alphabet—Puzzle Cards


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