Lights! Camera! Action! Technology in the Classroom

Dozier Elementary Tech Corner

Lights! Camera! Action! are words students in classrooms might hear more in upcoming years! Recently, Vermilion Parish Schools supplied inexpensive flip cameras for each school.  The small hand help video camera is powerful resource that can promote higher order thinking in students, while making them, directors, writers and producers of their own work.

4th Grade students in Lori Porter’s class at Dozier Elementary had a taste of the movie industry as they worked on an inventor/invention project for Social Studies.  The goal of the lesson was for the class to learn about twenty famous inventors/inventions and how those have impacted life in America. 

The lesson began as students used the laptops/computers to research an assigned inventor.  Working in pairs, each group then wrote paragraphs on the inventor based on their research. 

The next step included students using the flip camera to video and record their reports. One student was the “make shift” camera man who videoed the clip, while the other student read the report, then roles were reversed.
Once all clips were filmed, the teacher (Lori Porter) then presented student made videos of each inventor to the entire class for the students discuss and chart information. 

Though many students know the phrase from television, the use of this powerful new resource may bring true meaning to the words, “Lights! Camera! Action!” in the classroom as well.


Photo 1- Kennedy Breaux reads her report on the inventor she researched and wrote about.  Mason Granger is pictured videoing her clip.  Watching the production are( teacher) Lori Porter and Dozier Elementary Principal Karla Toups.

Photo 2 - Shows the class watching the inventor clips watching the clips of the twenty inventors.  Students researched, wrote, reported and filmed the clips with the flip camera.  In the photo are 4th grade teacher Lori Porter and Dozier Elementary Principal Karla Toups.


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