2011-2012 "Dozier Teacher of the Year" Lori Porter

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Dozier Elementary recently announced Lori Gunter Porter as the school’s 2011-2012 “Teacher of the Year”.  With Porter’s family present, Principal Karla Toups was able to successfully surprise her with the announcement at the school wide Dozier Elementary Christmas Band Concert on December 16, 2010.  Porter is currently a 4th grade teacher with thirteen years of experience. She works with a team teacher Kay Lurry, and teaches two sections of Social Studies, Science and Math at the Erath elementary school.  Porter began her teaching career at Park Elementary in New Iberia. She then transferred to Vermilion Parish where she worked at Herod Elementary. In 2001, she transferred to Dozier Elementary.


Due to Hurricane Rita’s damages in 2005, the 4th grade sections at Dozier Elementary were transferred to the Erath Middle campus. Porter was one of the teachers transferred and remained there until 2009.  Once Dozier Elementary’s original school plant reopened in 2009, she returned to the present campus. Without a doubt, one of Porter’s teaching strengths lies with promoting state expectations while seamlessly meshing 21st century skills for her students’ extensive work with technology projects. By utilizing her classroom computers, a Promethean Board, digital cameras and flip cameras in her classroom on a daily basis, her students are continuously engaged in lessons bringing excitement, interest and learning into her classroom. (Many of her own teacher created lesson plans, student photos and videos can be found on her website @ http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/dozier4/loriporter.htm).


Using the Comprehensive Curriculum as her ground floor, she has often adapted or created her own lesson plans to incorporate “productive” technology based units for the students to have effective lessons in a 21st century classroom. As a Science and Math teacher, her classes are often engaged in hands on activities using the Chevron Science Cart filled with resources enhancing student lessons for both core area subjects. In addition to encouraging technology in her classroom,


Porter also shares her talent as one of the school’s technology leaders where she works as the Tech Coach and 4th grade school tech rep. As the school’s Tech Coach, she shares responsibility with the school’s technology specialist to assist with technology issues, and more importantly to promote sound structured curriculum based lessons, ideas and strategies. Porter has shared information at school and parish meetings and has presented at LACUE (State Technology Association). Also notable was her experience as a member of the Vermilion Parish Teaching Team who presented at the National Science Conference in 2009. She has also worked with as a school 4H leader for several years. Porter is a 1991 Erath High Graduate. She is married to Tony Porter and has three children Kristen, Katelyn and Cameron.  Porter is the daughter of Jimmy and Caroline Gunter.


Porter will now advance to the parish level in the “2011-2012 Teacher of the Year” contest.



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