Mrs. Amanda Hebertís Santa Letters

2nd Grade - Dozier Elementary

Dear Santa, I want legos for Christmas.  To start with, I lost my instructions.  My mom tossed them in the trash.  Another reason is my brother takes them away.  He hides them where I canít find them.  Finally, I have a small lego box.  My mom buys small ones.  Will you bring it to me?  Love, Reese

Dear Santa,  I want a new transformer.  One reason is that it is very old.  I had it for one year.  It is very dirty.  It is dusty and has dirt on it.  The battery is dead.  It will not turn on.  What does Mrs. Claus do at the workshop?  Your friend, Kaiden

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a new phone.  One reason is my phone was acting weird.  The phone was not charging.  Another reason is my phone chip was not working.  We went to Verizon to put a new chip in.  The last reason is it turned off by itself.  Is Rudolph real?  I really want to see his red nose.  Love, Brandt

Dear Santa,  For Christmas I want new headphones.  One reason I want new ones is because there old.  You gave them to me last Christmas.  They are starting to break.  Another reason is they are too small.  They headphones donít fit me.  Every night I touch them and they turn black.  I love Santa.  Love, Owen

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a pinkie-pie train.  One reason is I lost my pinkie-pie.  I played with my friends and it disappeared.  Another reason is I love toys.   You can play with them.  Finally, I cherish pinkie-pie.  I had a pinkie-pie party.  So can you get me that for Christmas?  Love, Addyson

Dear Santa, I want an Xbox one S.  One reason is the Xbox one S has fun games to play.  The Xbox one s has all the good games you want.  Another reason is cool because the Xbox one s is voice mailed.  The voice mail on the Xbox one s is cool.  Finally, the Xbox one s has cool colors for playing.  Santa, are the colors, games, voice mail cool?  Love, Colby

Dear Santa, I really want a four wheeler for Christmas.  One reason is I can ride in the backyard with it.  I can play in the mud.  Another reason I would share with my brother and my sister.  They donít have one either.  Finally I love four wheelers because I will race with my dad.  I could beat him.  Santa, I hope you give me this.  Love, Brayton

Dear Santa, I want a new dirt bike for Christmas.  I want a new dirt bike because my small one is too little.  It is too small because it is low to the ground.  Another reason is my dirt bike is too old.  It is very broken.  A new one will be faster than the old one.  So, it will go faster in the mud.  Then , it will be a bigger dirt bike.  Love, Brock

Dear Santa, I really want some high heels for Christmas. One reason is that they are so old.  They are dirty, thatís why I want more high heels.  Another reason is that they are too small.  I want bigger high heels because they are tight.  The last reason is that I want to wear them at New China.  I want new high heels for Christmas.  Santa what do you do?  Thank you Santa!  Love, Abigayle

Dear Santa,  I would like a glass rose for Christmas.  My old one is broken.  My sister broke it.  It was dirty to show people.  I got it dirty in the mud.  It was too breakable.  When I go outside it will break.  How do you make toys for children?  Love,  Jade

Dear Santa, I want a big Chase.  I want it because it has a real search light.  It could help me see in the dark.  I want it because it has a mega phone.  I will talk in it.  I like it because it has a real net.  It will keep me safe if a robber comes.  Will you bring this to me? Love, Lily

Dear Santa, I really want the toy Cozmo.  One reason is I never had a robot toy.  I think robots are all about the future and I love the future.  Another reason is it has games.  You can play with it.  It has tap the block and flip it.  Those games are awesome.  Finally, Mom does not have to pay for it.  I can pay for it with kindness and care.  To pay with kindness you help people, be nice and share.  How do you get all the toys to the kids before they wake up?  Love, Jye

Dear Santa,  I want a horse because they are quiet.  One reason I want a horse is because they are fast.  I like horses because they are faster than a motorcycle.  Another reason why I want a horse is they are fun to ride and make your hair fly.  There are bumpy ones you ride them and it makes me laugh.  Last reason is they are fun to play with.  You can run with them.  Hereís how you can play with them. You can run with them and you can play tag.  Love,  Dominick

Dear Santa, I want jewelry for Christmas.  Jewelry is pretty and shiny.  I been wanting jewelry but instead I go toys.  I love jewelry so much and my bracelet is ugly to me.  Another reason is my other bracelet is dirty.  Itís starting to get brown.  It was starting to get small on my wrist.  Finally, my bracelet is broken because of my little sister.  She broke it when she was walking in the hall.  I picked it up and it broke in my hand.  So will you get it?  Love, Isabella

Dear Santa, I want a skateboard for Christmas.  I want a skateboard because I always wanted one.  I can always skate on the driveway.  I can skate down the road.  I hope it is blue with black wheels.  I hope it is a normal one that is blue.  I hope it has a light on the front so I can see.  I can ride at night if I have a light on the front.  It would be easy to see if I go to my Gramís to eat crawfish.  By the way, how are you?  Love, Rees

Dear Santa, I want some high heels.  The high heels I have are too small.  I want my new ones to look like boots but have heels.  I can wear my new clothes with it. I want new high heels for Christmas because the ones I have are broken.  My feet are too big.  How are your reindeer?  Your friend, Kaeli

Dear Santa,   I want a new remote control car.  My last one is broken.  It doesnít have the chip in it.  It is dirty.  You canít see the color on it.  It is smaller than my batman toy.  It is for a baby like my cousin.  Would you give it to me?  Love, Hunter

Dear Santa, This Christmas I want a bike. I want a bike because mine is old.  My bike is seven years old.  I want a bike because it is dirty.  The seat is black and brown.  I want the color to be black, green and pink.  Make the handle black and the seat green.  I really want a bike.  Love, Caydence

Dear Santa, This Christmas I want an ipod.  I want the ipod so I can play games on it.  The other reason I want it is so I can call my house.  The third reason is so I can look at my map.  It is so cool so thatís why I really want it.  Love, Colton

Dear Santa,  I really want an ipad for Christmas.  One reason I want it is because I donít have one yet.  I didnít ask for one yet.  Another reason is because it has games.  I can play pokemon on it.  Finally, I can call the teacher.  She is the best teacher.  How did you become Santa?  Love, Gabriel