1st 10 weeks of school during this school year involved each core subject area she teaches.

  • Social Studies Lessons:

    •  Students were involved creating a region quilt that involved the students learning the different US regions.

    • They have used them to research other Social Studies topics as well.

  • Science lessons:

    • Lessons involving solid, liquid and gases, as well as visual lessons showing how light travels.

    • Other science lessons involved building electrical circuits

    •  Yet another lesson involved students moving from station to station that simulated the journey of a water molecule. Then they wrote stories of the journey, ended with a flip camera filming of their findings of the water molecule's journey.

  • Math Lab Work: The lab and laptops are also used daily for math interactive lessons (during their math block time) and during their daily intervention math time.


Lori Porter

4th Grade

Dozier's Elementary 

415 West Primeaux

Erath, LA 70533


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