Students in Ms. Lori Porter’s class at Dozier Elementary have been working in cooperative groups in Science to use the steps of the Scientific method to investigate different questions that are posed. Students are using the GLX measuring tool purchased from a grant funded by Chevron to conduct their experiments. Students are keeping a learning log of their experiment conclusions. Students performed an experiment on Ms. Toup’s white car and Ms. Romero’s black car. The question posed was: Does light reflect more off of Ms. Toup’s white car or Ms. Romero’s black car?

Students performed an experiment called “Sound through solids, liquids and gas.”  The question posed is “Does sound travel faster through solid, liquid, or gas?”

Students performed an experiment called “Heat Matters.” The question posed was: Does Heat travel faster through a solid, liquid or gas?

 Students performed an experiment called “Heats Ups and Downs”.  The question posed was “What happens to the balloon when it is placed in cold water and hot water?”

 Students conducted an investigation on light. The question posed was: How does light travel?



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