Ecosystem Projects

Students in Mrs. Maleigha Viator and Jennifer Toups' 4th Grade classes at Dozier Elementary studied about four different types of ecosystems in the world.  Each student was allowed to pick one ecosystem to represent in a shoebox.  Pictured are first place, second place, and most creative winners in each of the four categories: Tundra, Desert, Rainforest, Savannah. The winners are pictured.

Top Row: (left to right)  Kiah Duplechain, Wendy Freyffeldt, Brad Lapointe, Raylie Reaux, Daelyan Bessard, and Shelby Landry. Sitting: (left to right) Jaylee LeBlanc, Matthew Irwin, Chloe Rozas and Angelle Bonin.


Maleigha Viator

4th Grade

Dozier's Elementary 

415 West Primeaux

Erath, LA 70533


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