Interview with an Explorer

Interview with an Explorer

Last year, Dozier Elementary worked hard to gain digital tools for their teachers to bring 21st century learning experiences into their classrooms. This year, many teachers are taking advantage of utilizing those resources in productive ways.

Lori Porter’s 4th graders at Dozier Elementary, recently participated in a unique video project involving the students knowledge of “explorers” and the school’s flip cameras. 

To begin the lesson, students were divided into groups. Interview questions were given and student research was done on using class computers. Students had to located specific information concerning Christopher Columbus,   Hernando De Soto and Robert LaSalle with the aid of technology resources.

Once the data was gathered by each group, the information was shared in the format of a “talk show.” Bobby the Bobcat” (the town’s school mascot) was chosen to be the talk show host.  To help the students understand the concept of the "talk show format", Porter shared that "Bobby" would be like Oprah interviewing guests on her show.

Each group had a "talk show" after their explorer information was researched and gathered. Host "Bobby" then interviewed each group on the “Bobby the Bobcat Show." The “guests” had to answer the host’s questions about the researched explorer to share information. Once each group completed their video clip, the entire class watched the student created videos and discussed the explorers.

As the assessment, each student individually wrote summaries about the three explorers in their “Bobcat Gazette” newspapers.

The lesson and video can be found on Porter's class website @ She  also  has  many flip camera lesson plans posted which she created in the past year and a half.

Lori Porter's "explorer" unit helped her students learn about explorers, while teaching students to gather and analyze information using 21st technology skills in her classroom. Through the use of computers, flip cameras and the class’ Promethean Board, this 4th grade class truly experienced the power of classroom technology at its best!

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