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Erath High School Administrators Francis Touchet, Assistant Principal Liz Vice and several teachers escorted almost 100 students to Shucks in Abbeville on Friday, May 13th as a reward for students achieving academic goals this year.

The annual EHS Academic luncheon is a unique event implemented by Principal Francis Touchet when he became principal six years ago. Touchet stated "I personally feel this is great way to reward the students who have worked hard and achieved academic goals throughout the year."

The students invited to the luncheon were all students at Erath High with a 3.5 GPA or better and those who also participated in District Literary Rally.Touchet who is known to set high standards for students, also believes that “reward” should a key component of that equation. He went on to say “students who excel in the classroom by achieving the high standards set in place, should always be rewarded.”

EHS Administrator ended by saying “Erath High will always set the bar high and require students to reach these standards. With that in mind, we know we should always take care of the students that reach these standards.”


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