Erath High Students District Rally Students 2014

The Erath High Rally Team competed at ULL for the district rally competition Saturday, February 21, 2014 against 10 other schools. 23 EHS students earned a spot to compete at State Rally.

The Erath High Students who placed were: 1st Place: Adv. Math/ Pre-Calc. - Nicolette Homes; Alg. I. - Jared Racca, Alg. II - Bryce Teekell, Eng. IV. - Catherine Domingues, Environmental Applications. -Jessi Suire and Health- William Berthelot.  2nd Place: Eng. III - Alexis LaCoste, Environmental Science - Caitlyn Talbot and Photography - Sydney Richardelle.  3rd Place: Adv. Math/ Functions & Statistics - Kourtney LeBlanc, Ag I. - Rayney Lillie, Ag II. - Derrick Casey, , Calculus Patrick Leleux, Chemistry. - Kourtni Goutierrez, Civics - Hannah Soileau, Eng. I. - Bailey Hebert, Geometry - Emily St. Germain, Physics. - Bryce Comeaux and World Geography - Trebor LeGros, 4th Place: Eng. II - Malory Savoie, Parenthood Education- Ali Bodin, Spanish II, and Wayne Luquette, Interpretive Reading. - Taylor Perrin; 5th Place: Family & Consumer Science. - Katelyn Gary

Pictured are the Erath High Students who attended District Rally were: Top Row: Kaitlyn Gouterriez, Bailey Hebert, Hannah Soileau, Catherine Domingues, Trebor Legros, Aidyn Creson, Wayne Luquette, Bryce Teekell, and Derrick Casey.
Middle Row: Courtney Duhon, Katelynd LeBlanc, Kalyn Stephen, Emily Miller, Malory Savoie, Rayney Lillie, Kaitlyn Gary, Jared Racca, and William Berthalot. Not pictured are: Nicolette Homes, Kourtney LeBlanc, Alexis LaCoste, Caitlyn Talbot, Cameron Etie, Ember Trahan, Bryce Comeaux, Drake Hoffpauir, & Sydney Richardelle.






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