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Dalton Cyr is a producer and song writer with world renown. He conducted a project called the "Heart Project" inviting people around the world to submit artwork to be used in his backdrop for his music film entitled "Breathe.  The hearts that Erath High students Shayla and Mikayla Arnold made will be in a music film, titled "Breathe" (Duane A. Sikes Production) which is a story about the fragility and resilience of life and love. The hearts were used as part of a set that was created for use in the film. The film will premiere in the spring of 2017 and will be released worldwide online at a later date. As we are still in post-production, exact release dates are not being broadcast at this time.

For their participation in sending the hearts, they will receive film credit and a few other things, such as recognition via social media and free access to the songs used in the film.


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