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Erath Jr. and Sr. Beta Trivia

February 29, 2016

1. Erath schools became involved at the Jr. Beta Club State level in 1979-1980. Erath High later joined State campaigns in 1987-1988.

Since the 1979-1980 school year, Erath has had twenty nine STATE officers in office. (Note: This is a combination of Jr. and Sr. Beta clubs.)

In the 29 years, four served in two or more offices. (Jill Hebert served two office titles in Jr. Beta while, Jeri Landry, Lauren Lange and Ryan Poche served at the Jr. and Sr. Beta levels. (Lange and Poche served at the National Level, too.)

2. Number of years at State Level: Erath Middle (Jr. Beta) has had 20 years of students at the state office level, while Erath High (Sr. Beta) has 9 years of students at the state level.

3. EMS Sr. Beta: First Erath State Officer for Jr. Beta was Jill Hebert in 1979-1980.

4. EHS Sr. Beta: First ever state officer for Sr. Beta was Jeri Landry in 1987-1988.

5. Type of title-Of the 29 years, Erath Jr. and Sr. Beta Clubs have had: 24 State Presidents for Jr. and Sr. Beta, 3 National Presidents, 1 State Vice President, 2 State Secretaries, 1 National Secretary, 1 State Reporter and 1 State Chaplain

6. Most Titles held are Lauren Lange and Ryan Poche with three each. They each served as Jr. Beta officers, Sr. Beta officers and National officers. (See information in #5)

7. Consecutive Titles: Jill Hebert is the only person to serve back to back offices for Jr. Beta at the state level. She Served first as Jr. Beta Reporter in 1980, and then Jr. Beta State President in 1981. Sue Butuad was the sponsor at that time.

8. Served both Jr. and Sr. Beta Clubs: Jeri Landry was the first person in Erath to serve at the state level for both Jr. and Sr. Beta clubs. She served first as a state officer at the Jr. Beta level in 1985, then as state officer in the Sr. Beta level in 1988.

9. National Titles: Five Erath students have held National Beta Titles. Two Erath Middle students served as National Jr. Beta President (Jennifer Drott and Chandra Comeaux Breaux.) Three Erath High Students served as national officers. (Jade Nunez and Ryan Poche served as National Sr. Beta President and Lauren Lange served as National Sr. Beta Secretary.)

·         Jennifer Drott was Erath's first ever National officer. She was elected as the first Jr. National president at convention held in New Orleans. Rickey Suire was the State Sponsor for the first National Convention.

·         Jade Nunez (2nd Erath student to ever serve at the National Level and first Erath High Sr. Beta student to be a National Officer.)

·         Lauren Lange held three offices held during her tenure. Those included: Jr. Beta President 2006, State Sr. Beta Secretary in 2010, National Sr. Beta Secretary in 2010. Another fact: 3rd Erath student to ever serve at the National Level.

·         Ryan Poche held three offices held during his tenure. Those were: Jr. Beta State President 2008, Sr. Beta State President 2011, National President in 2011, Another fact: 4th Erath student to ever serve at the National Level.

10. Feeder Schools: 24 of the 25 State Officers attended Dozier Elementary and Erath Middle. (Malory Savoie moved here after Middle School.)

11. Erath High: 22 of the 25 State Officers attended, (or are attending) Erath High. Leslie Landry moved away, Kelbi LaShare and John Michael Shiner are still at Erath Middle.

12. Louisiana Jr. Beta State Sponsor: Erath Middle Faculty Members who have served as State Sponsors.

·         Sue Ann Butaud – 1981

·         Ebrar Joseph Reaux – 1986 and 1987

·         Rickey Suire Domingues – 1996 and 1997

·         Cynthia Bernard Drott – 2004 and 2005


     Erath Principal – service on Louisiana State Beta Council-Ebrar Joseph Reaux – 1992 through present (20 years), Served as Louisiana State Beta Council Chairman – 2007 through 2010. Served as National Beta Club Board of Directors member -2007 through 2010, Served as Chairman of the Board for National Beta Club - 2010.


  Searching for EHS Sponsors at this time.

13. Eleven years of no Erath students in office from 1980-2017.

·         1983-1984

·         1989-1990

·         1994-1995

·         1995-1996

·         2001-2002

·         2002-2003

·         2003-2004

·         2004-2005

·         2006-2007

·         2010-2011


14. Erath Middle School Jr. Beta (School) History By Ebrar Reaux-The Erath Middle School Jr. Beta Club was officially chartered on December 16, 1977. Sue Butaud and Ebrar Reaux served as co-sponsors. At the time, the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders were part of Erath High School. Mr. Robert Segura, Sr. was the Principal and Mr. Sterling Menard was the Assistant Principal in charge of the elementary school. The first president of the club was Monica Granger. Erath High School was an accredited member of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. One of the recommendations made by a Peer Review Team during a 3 day visit to the school was to provide more opportunities for junior high students to participate in clubs. At the time, Ebrar had a friend named Elizabeth Bienvenu who taught at Loreauville High School and was sponsor of that school’s Jr. Beta Club. In a conversation about the SACS recommendation, Elizabeth suggested to Ebrar that Erath High look at chartering a Jr. Beta Club. The National Beta Club is a non-profit organization that promotes academic excellence, character, leadership and service. Ebrar shared the suggestion with Sue Butaud and the two felt the Beta Club would be an excellent organization for jr. high school students to be associated. Upon receiving approval from the school administration, the National Beta Club Office in Spartanburg, South Carolina was contacted and the appropriate application was filed for a charter for the Erath Jr. High School Jr. Beta Club. The club would later become known as the Erath Elementary Jr. Beta Club with Mr. Donald Primeaux as its Principal and then eventually as the Erath Middle School Jr. Beta School with Mr. Ebrar Reaux as its Principal (1989 – 2005). The Principal of EMS at that time was Mrs. Lynn Guidry Moss (2005 to 2014). Sandy Huval was Principal from 2014-2015. The current Principal is Wendy Suire Stoute (2015-Present)

15. Erath High Club history

The Erath High Beta Club was established during the 1961-1962 school year, under the direction of Sterling Menard. Laura Gaspard helped him with the club. Mrs. Nell Schexnayder took over in 1968.

Around 1972, Principal Robert Segura asked Clevie Thibodeaux and Sue Butaud to take over the club.
A few years later, After helping organize the Jr. Beta Club, Butaud remained with the Jr. Beta Club.
Clevie Thibodeaux remained the sponsor for 25 years.

Erath High Club Sponsors:
1. Sterling Menard (with the help of Laura Gaspard) 1961-1967
2. Nell Schexnayder 1968-1972
3. Clevie Thibodeaux 1972-1997 and Sue Butaud 1972-1979
4. Susan Bares Cassidy 1997-1998
5. Jennifer DePriest August 1998 - July 2008
6. Emily Zegura
7. Eva Lange
8. Other Educators who helped annually were:

a. Angela Lange
b. Amy Noel
c. Louisa Primeaux
d. Randy Barras

The officers in 1961-1962 were President Carl Doumit, Vice President Robert Carlin, Secretary Shirley Domingues and Treasurer Ann Broussard. The club had 18 charter members that year.

16. The 25 Erath students who served as a state officer for Jr. Beta, Sr. Beta or both in the 29 year history of the Erath Beta officers are listed below.

  • Jill Elizabeth Hebert - Served twice consecutively in Jr. Beta. 1980 State Reporter and 1981 State President)
  • Dana Langlinais (Granger) Jr. Beta. Secretary-Treasurer in 1981-82
  • Jeri Landry (Theunissen) Served as a State Jr. Beta President in 1985 and Sr. Beta President in 1988.
  • Leslie Landry (Babin) Jr. Beta Louisiana State President 1985-1986
  • Jeanne Segura (Pigott) Jr. Beta Louisiana State President 1986-1987
  • Jeanne Domingues (Turner) Jr. Beta Louisiana State President 1987-1988
  • Theresa Comeaux (Touchet) Jr. Beta Louisiana State President 1988-1989
  • Tarrah Comeaux (Davis) Jr. Beta Louisiana State President 1990-1991
  • Ann Rachel Hebert (Saunier) Jr. Beta Louisiana State President 1991-1992
  • Lauren Hargrave (Landry) Jr. Beta Louisiana State President 1992-1993
  • Amy Broussard (LeBlanc) Jr. Beta Louisiana State President 1993-1994
  • Monica Suire - Jr. Beta Louisiana State Chaplain 1996-1997
  • Jennifer Drott (Leger) First Erath student EVER to serve as a National President. She was the 1997-1998 Jr. Beta State President, that year as well.
  • Jade Nunez- Served as 1998-1999 State and National Beta President). He was the first Erath HIGH student to serve at the Sr. Beta National level.
  • Jamy Comeaux Sr. Beta Louisiana State President 1999-2000.
  • Chandra Comeaux (Breaux) 2000-2001 Jr. Beta Louisiana State President and National Jr. Beta President.
  • Hoyt Henry - Sr. Beta Louisiana State President 2005-2006
  • Annie Watson - Jr. Beta Louisiana State President 2008-2009
  • Lauren Lange- Served as 2005-2006 Jr. Beta State President and 2009 State Sr. Beta and National Secretary.
  • Jennifer Diz Served as the Sr. Beta State Secretary 2010-11.
  • Ryan Poche- Served as 2007-2008 Jr. Beta State President and the 2011-2012 Sr. State Beta and National President
  • Jordan Lange - 2012-2013 Sr. Beta Louisiana State President
  • Caroline Poche - 2013-2014 Jr. Beta Louisiana State President
  • Malory Savoie - 2015-2016 Sr. Beta Louisiana State Secretary
  • Kelbi LaShare - 2015-2016 Jr. Beta Louisiana State President
  • John Michael Shiner-2016-2017 Louisiana Jr. Beta State President


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