Bussy Family Ties to Erath

Joseph Bussy, a Belgium native was associated with the construction of the railroad was appointed as Section Foreman in the late 1890ís. He and his family lived 

in the Section House near the depot. He had ten children with his wife Christina Keiffer. The railroad station at that time became a meeting place for the area residents. Everyone came to see the trains come and go with passengers and mail.

The 1st postmaster was Mr. Mestayer. When he moved to New Iberia, J. Hazard Broussard became the second postmaster in 1897. Two brothers in business, Hazard and Lodias Broussard, operated a business in the center of the community. The Post Office was then moved to this store.
By 1899, Erath was a thriving community with four hundred citizens and it was incorporated as a village. 

In 1904, Miss Josephine Bussy, the daughter of Joseph and Christina Bussy became the first female postmaster. She met Clement Bourgeois Sr., a young man new to this territory who was also working in the post office. They later married.

Josephine Bussy Bourgeois died giving birth to twins and in 1907. One of the twins (named Josephine too) survived and was raised by her father Clement Bourgeois Sr. At that time of Josephine Bussy Bourgeoisí death, Clement Bourgeois became postmaster. For the next 70 years, the Bourgeois family ran Erathís Post Office.

The tomb shown is Christina Keiffer Bussy, the wife of Joseph Bussy and mother of Josephine Bussy Bourgeois.


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