1st Dozier Elementary Faculty after re-opening in 1972.

Dozier Elementary's 1st faculty picture when it became the Erath Elementary feeder School in '72.

In 2012, it marked the 40th Anniversary that Dozier Elementary opened as the Erath Elementary School. Erath High up until 1972 housed grades 1-12. In ’72, the school couldn’t house all of the students and Dozier became the feeder school with grades 1, 2 and 3. (Kindergarten came in ’74)

From 1941-1968 the Dozier campus was the African American school in Erath. After integration in ’68, it was used as a head start facility. In 1971, there was a need for more space. So Dozier was renovated in ’71 and it opened ’72 for all Erath students in 1st-3rd grade. Johnnie Suire was Principal.

Robert Vincent found this photo of the 1st faculty and staff and sent it to me today. Oddly enough, I told Karla (the principal @ Dozier) just a couple of weeks ago that this is Dozier’s 40th year. Needless to say the history geek in me was tickled pink to get this today!
1st Row (Top): Merille Marie (French teacher we think). June Boudreaux (1st) , Mary Jo Crutchfield (3rd), Judy LeBlanc (2nd) , Janice Plummer (3rd) Evelyn Boudreaux (3rd)

2nd Row: Eno Romero, Mae Carlin (2nd grade aide) Cheryl “Pie” Domingues (1st) , Dora L. LeBlanc (1st), Ann Pillette, (1st-aide) Jeanette Pillette (2nd) , Linda Charmount (1st), Theresa Peltier, Mary Lou LeBeaux, Principal Johnnie Suire.

3rd Row: Marilyn Dufrene (1st), Evola Antoine (3rd-aide), Electa Blanchette (2nd) Cynthia Frederick, Gayle Broussard and Kay Mayard


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