Dozier Elementary Leaders through the years

Reverend B. T. Whitt - Principal of Dozier Elementary, Erath's first  African American school in Erath from 1942-1968.  Reverend B. T. Whitt served as Principal during the entire tenure the African American school was opened. (24 years). The school closed in 1968 due to integration and Reverend Whitt then retired. Upon reopening as the feeder school for all Erath students in grades 1, 2 and 3 in 1972, Johnnie Suire served as Principal. (1972-1980.) Photos: Top left Mr. Suire in the 70's. Tope right: Mr. Suire following retirement in 1989. Bottom left: Mr. Suire in 2011 just a few days prior to his death and the bottom right photo is Mr. Suire with a class in the 70's.
In 1980, Erath native Sherry Broussard Trahan became the 1st female Principal not only at Dozier Elementary, but at  any Erath  school. She served from 1980 through 1986. In 1986, Teddy Broussard was appointed the Dozier Elementary Principal. He served from 1986 until 2001. Broussard, to date has the  the longest tenure at Dozier Elementary since it reopened as the primary feeder school in 1972,
In 2001, Ralph Thibodeaux (right) became the Dozier Elementary Principal. He served from 2001-2003. Pictured are former Dozier Elementary former principals Johnnie Suire, Sherry Trahan and Ralph Thibodeaux. In the center is Reverend B. T. Whitt, the 1st principal prior to integration. Missing at the time of this photo in 2002 was Teddy Broussard.

In January of 2003, Elizabeth Gremillion was appointed Dozier Elementary's 1st Assistant Principal under the leadership of Principal Ralph Thibodeaux. In August of 2003, she became the school's principal. She served until 2009. The Dozier Elementary Library was awarded a grant to assist in rebuilding the school library. Gremillion served as Principal during during the school's relocation following the devastation to the school following Hurricane Rita's tidal surge. (The school was platooned during 2005-2006, then moved to the FEMA building on the north road in Erath. They remained there until June of 2009. At that time Mrs. Gremillion retired. Pictured to the right: The school was given a $40,000 grant from the Laura Bush Foundation. Librarian Christie LeBlanc, Principal Elizabeth Gremillion and 1st grader Jean-Paul Touchet traveled to New Orleans on August 29, 2006 to receive the grant from

Assistant Principals at Dozier Elementary

Dozier Elementary Assistant Principals: Elizabeth Gremillion (see above) was the 1st Dozier Elementary Principal. She served from January 2003 until May 2003 in that capacity. In August of 2003, Those who followed her are below. Dawn Amy was named Assistant Principal in 2003. She served from 2003-2009. Natalie Guillot Hebert was served from 2009-2014. Christine Reaux Hebert was named Assistant Principal at Dozier Elementary in June 2014.

Karla Desormeaux Toups was named the Dozier Elementary Principal in 2009, upon Dozier's return to the original campus.  Mrs. Toups was the 1st principal in the history of the school who attended Dozier Elementary as a child.  Upon reopening its doors in 1972, she was one of the 272 students who moved to the Dozier Elementary campus on Primeaux street. She was in 2nd grade at that time.


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