Erath in 1910

The Erath Sugar Company in Erath was established in 1910 like the Bank of Erath. Though our refinery has been shut down for years, we do have some remnants of its existence. We do have the tower that stands which most of us grew up seeing as a landmark in Erath. Another smaller one stands in front of the Erath City Hall. The Sugar Company Bell was dedicated during one of the Erath Bicentennial Celebrations in 1976 to share a bit of the past with our community daily.

The sign on the bell reads:
“Donated by the Erath Sugar Co.
Erath Sugar Company was built in the year 1910.
In the year 1914 the Erath Sugar Co. LTD, acquire this bell from the Rose Hill Refinery
and it was used to summon cane field workers.
Dedicated to Les Travilleuses Club
Bicentennial Year
April 20, 1976”


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