"Healing through the eyes of a child”

September 15, 2001 (Written the week of 9-11) Newspaper article

As with the children who grew up at the time Pearl Harbor was bombed, today's children will possess the undying memory of the September 11th events. While the tragedy is beyond words, it is the hope of many that the events which followed that tragic day are also remembered. 

As a grieving nation began to heal, many found themselves reaching out to the victims, families and workers of the September 11th tragedy. Along with the entire country, students and staff members at Dozier Elementary felt a need to assist those deeply affected by this historical, mind numbing day. Beginning with a moment a silence for the victims and their families on September 12th, Principal Ralph Thibodeaux encouraged participation in activities, which helped students become active in the nation's crusade to assist those affected. To express their American pride, Dozier Elementary's staff and student body participated proudly in the "National red, white and blue day" on September 14th. 

As activities evolved at Erath's K-4 school during the next few weeks, a number of students participated in writing letters of sorrow and reassurance to New York school aged children. Heartfelt messages were mailed to The Manhattan School for Children and The Holy Name Elementary Schools, both of which are elementary educational institutions in New York.

As a small token of gratitude, some signed flags were sent to New York fire fighters and policemen, with the simple phrase written across the top: "Land that Love. Stand Beside Her"....... 

Other individual activities included simple classroom discussions citing the repercussions of the disastrous day. With the assistance of local newspaper articles, one class wrote their own newspaper, describing the events through the eyes of the children. After class reporters wrote their version of what transpired on that horrific day, pictures depicting the tragedy were hand drawn to correlate with their stories. A successful school wide activity involved the school's newly formed 4-H Club, who sponsored a penny drive. The collected money was donated to organizations supporting the workers of the September 11th tragedy. 

As a nation who speaks of American pride, it is often loss, tears and sorrow, which brings the American spirit to life. For the fIrst time in the lives of many children and young adults, true patriotism and pride is at the doorstep of Americans today. Through difficult lessons, patriotism is now, not only a lesson in the books at Dozier Elementary, it is lesson that the children have truly experienced. As future parents, grandparents and leaders, these children can not only claim to have lived during through painful moment in time, but assisted in the aftermath of the nation's most horrific event. That's a lesson that cannot be learned from a book…..it is a lesson In the life of true hearted American!


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