A Lesson in Hope…

Land owner Patrick O'Toole played a vital role in the establishment of the Village of Erath in the latter portion of the 1800's. O'Toole settled in this area around 1848 and later sold nine acres of his land to New Iberia businessman August Erath. Through the establishment of the railroad in 1893, Erath blossomed.

By World War II, Patrick O'Toole's granddaughter Laura Theriot, had married Captain Carroll, an American WW II soldier. During his tenure in the horrific war, Mrs. Carroll received word that her husband was a prisoner of the Japanese. Later, she received news that he was dead. Despite the fact of such horrible news, she refused to accept that he was dead. In fact, she refused to cash the government check, because she believed her was alive and he would indeed one day return. Mrs. Carroll never gave up hope. Her intuition proved her right, when others doubted her faith. Captain Carroll eventually was found alive and he indeed, did return home to his waiting wife.


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