The Primeaux’s: A Historical Name in Erath

Elizabeth and Felecian Primeaux

The 1848 Surveyors map shows no land owners of the area, which is now Erath. The area was part of the Attakapas Country originally governed by St. Martinville. Many of the settlers were descendants of the original Acadians who were exiled. The Acadians, along with Spanish, Gennan, Irish and English settlers settled this area. They assimilated languages and customs.

Before the Civil War, the large land owners in the Erath vicinity were the Primeaux’s. The earliest land owner was Sevenne Primeaux who acquired land in 1858. Born during the first quarter of the nineteenth century, Sevenne married Melanie (Melasie) Vincent. After the death of his first wife, Melanie, Sevenne then married his sister in law, Celise Vincent (Recorded in Census of 1870). Sevenne Primeaux fathered several children including Severin, Felicien and Marie Zulma. Sevenne Primeaux, was a farmer who owned large parcels of land and both wives had inherited land in their own right. Melanie and Celise (Vincent’s) father, Joseph Vincent was a prominent landowner.

Owning over six hundred acres, much of the section thirty five township was owned by the Primeaux family, except for Theogene Richard.

By 1892, Sevenne Primeaux had passed away. Sevenne and Celise Vincent’s youngest daughter Marie Zulma Primeaux, born on November 20, 1872, married Ernest (Garre) Gary on December 9, 1889. Three years after the young couple married, a prominent New Iberia citizen by the name of August Erath, approached the young landowners to purchase parcels of land for a railroad to run from New Iberia to Abbeville. On November 15, 1892, At the age of just five days shy of her twentieth birthday, Sevenne’s daughter Marie Zulma Primeaux Gary sold twenty one acres of land to August Erath for three hundred and twenty four dollars. The deeds were dated November 17, 1892, at the courthouse. (The land purchased was the land surrounding the rauroad tracks m Erath). The purchase that day also included nine acres sold to Erath by Patrick O’Toole. With a total of thirty acres, August Erath then created one hundred and forty seven lots to sell.

Sevenne Primeaux’s daughter Marie Zulma, died in 1897, at the age of twenty four, leaving behind no heirs. One of Sevenne Primeaux’s sons, Felicien Primeaux, married Elizabeth Thibodeaux. Together they had five children. Their two daughters were Elisa (Eliza) Primeaux (Nunez) and Ethesia Primeaux (Landry). The Primeaux’s also had three sons, Ode Primeaux, and twin sons, Farnest and Fernard Pimeaux. Felicien Primeaux owned the Erath Mercantile Company with Adolph Goutirrez, Dennas Trahan and Semar Broussard at the beginning of the century. This structure was a two story building, located on 203 East Lastie Street, selling groceries, hardware and furniture.

Another son Severin married Euphemie Broussard. The Primeaux couple had ten children. The seven sons included: Ovide, Tovide, Sevenn, Dupra, Severien and twins Clodie and Cloday Primeaux. The three daughters were: Idolia (Dolie), Aurore (Ora) and Lanor Primeaux.

Later, heirs of Severin Primeaux’s son, Clodie, sold land on the east side of town to Erath businessman, Curney Dronet. The land purchased from Clodie Primeaux’s heirs was developed into the East side subdivision.

As some of Erath’s earliest landowners over one hundred years ago, the Primeaux name and legacy undoubtedly, earned a permanent place in the town’s historical records.


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