The Faces of Erath Schools

Erath Schools (Erath High and Erath Elementary are below) See Dozier Elementary here and LeBlanc Elementary here.
1st School built in 1893. First two men and children are not identified, Dolze Vincent (man in white shirt) Dr. Kibbe (4th adult standing), the school has an arrow with an arrow pointing to it, as well as the Aurelie Dartez House. School message reads “Original school, corner of Putnam and Kibbe”
At the time of the census in the year 1900, a total of fifty six families resided in the Erath Corporation limits. The total number of residents at that time was two hundred and seventy. Pierre Ubal LeBlanc had been elected to the School Board and by 1903, a new two story school frame was built directly in front of the older school. The building was erected on the comer of Putnam and Kibbe. offering an elementary education from the first through seventh grade. After seven years children were offered two years of high school.

Erath's three story structure: Opened in the fall of 1923. The 1923 school year opened in a new three story brick building. The school was built on twelve acres of land, which was located on Broadway. The land was generously donated by Vernon Caldwell. J. H. Williams, Superintendent and Ulysses “Tobee” Bernard, the first ward School Board Member created a school district that included Delcambre and extended into the second ward. The first year enrollment at Erath High School was two hundred students, which included high school students from Delcambre. The first graduating class in 1924 had seven graduates. Four were from Erath and three from Delcambre. Gerald Fahaye was the principal. Doryce Joseph Broussard, Alton Derouen, Nedier Richard and Vena Marie Harrington were graduates from the Erath Area, while Louise Blanche Delcambre, Rita Ann Landry and Aldoph Leo Sonnier were from the Delcambre area. The principals that served these two schools were Mr. Lafleur, Mr. Raphael Broussard, Mr. Alphe Hebert and Mr. Gerald Fahay. The basic curriculum during the early years included, reading, writhing, arithmetic and English. During the mid 1920’s B. E. (Bert) Webb, a native of Mississippi, married Edez Boudreaux, a sister of Dr. L. M. Boudreaux, a family physician in Erath. While Webb was named Principal, his wife, Mrs. Webb taught first grade until their joint retirement in the early 1950’s.

Erath High Gym in 1940

Erath High School in the 60's

Erath Elementary (Erath Elementary was part of the Erath High Campus until 1991 when Erath Middle became its own campus and the feeder school for Erath High.

Erath High School in 1978.

Erath Elementary Campus in 1978 (This part of the school was still considered Erath High School, housing grades 4th-8th.

Erath High School in 1999 for the Centennial

Erath High Middle in 1999 for the Centennial

Erath Middle Fire March 7,2000 (Mardi Gras morning)

Erath Middle reopened its doors following the fire in 2001.

Erath High (Hurricane Rita 2005)

Erath Middle (Hurricane Rita 2005)

Erath High in 2013

Erath Middle in 2013


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