Snooks Relay Queens

Snooks Queens! (Still looking for names if anyone can help, please email Stacy Bodin @ or

1.  1959 1st queen in '59 was Phyllis Dronet LeBlanc Her maids were Anna Brown (Saunier), Gloria Richard and Ann Broussard Clostio. 
2.  1960 Queen Bonnie Broussard, Maids Alice Dubois LeBlanc, Gladys Dubois and Ann? 
3.  1961 Queen Anna Brown Saunier, Gladys Dubois and Mona Menard
4.  1962 Queen Mona Menard, Rickey Domingues and Juanita Trahan Vincent.
5.  1963 Queen Betty Boudreaux, Maids Johnnie Darbonne and Toni Dubois
6.  1964 Queen Sharon Arceneaux, Maids Toni Dubois, Beverly Domingues
7.  1965 Queen Toni Dubois Moss Maids Connie Clement, Lou Gene Maihles
8.  1966 Queen Juanita Boudreaux, Connie Clement and Catherine LeBlanc
9.  1967 Queen Juanita Boudreaux, Patsy Bares, Debbie LeBlanc
10. 1968 Queen Juanita Boudreaux, Patsy Bares, Debbie LeBlanc
11. 1969 Queen Debbie LeBlanc, 1st Maid Debbie Desormeaux, 2nd Maid Marlene Arceneaux
12. 1970 Queen Marlene Arceneaux, 1st Maid Charlene LeBlanc, 2nd Darlene Guidry
13. 1971 Queen Darlene Guidry, Maid Liz Segura, Maid Charlene Delahoussaye
14. 1972 Queen Karen Janak Simon
. Maids Charlene Delahoussaye Blanchette, and Agnes Moss Fournier
15. 1973 Queen Charlotte Delahoussaye, Maid Joan LeBlanc, Maid Rose Guillory
16. 1974 Queen Charlene LeBlanc, Maid Greta Gary, Maid Mary Pat Melancon
17. 1975 Queen Nina Bouillion, Maid Myra LeBlanc, Maid Cynthia Segura
18. 1976 Queen Loretta Mergist, Maids Roxanne Broussard, Ann Dubois
19. 1977 Queen Jo Beth Grovenburg, Maids Danita LeBlanc, Susan Suire
20. 1978 Queen Susan Suire, Maid Denise Vice, Maid Telisa Bernard
21. 1979 Queen Janet Hollier and Maids Claire Dronet and Donna Greene
22. 1980 Queen Rachel Frederick, Maids Darlene Tipper and Jeanne LeBlanc
23. 1981 Queen Annette LeBlanc Faulk,
Maids Manique Reaux LeBlanc, Leeann LeBlanc
24. 1982 Queen Ann Lori Langlinais Hebert Maids Marlene Menard, Andrea Bouillion Gaudet.
25. 1983 Queen Ann Lori Langlinais Hebert, Maids Nannette Baudoin Delcambre, Charlotte Quirk Domingues
26. 1984 Queen Charlotte Quirk Domingues, Maids Jenee Sellers, Nannette Baudoin Delcambre
27. 1985 Queen Dana Langlinais Granger, Maids: Charise Arceneaux Bougeron, Monique Arceneaux Sonnier
28. 1986 Queen Monique Arceneaux Sonnier, Maids April LeBlanc, Dana Langlinais Granger
29. 1987 Queen Tracy Moss. Maids Dana Romero and April LeBlanc
30. 1988 Queen Tracy Moss Watson, Maids, Dana Romero Harrington, Missy Duplantis
31. 1989 Queen Leslie Domingues, Nella Geoffroy, Debra Duhon, Tanisha Grogan
32. 1990 Queen Tanisha Grogan, Maids Heidi LeBlanc, Eugenia Vincent
33. 1991 Queen Shelanne Cormier, Maids were Tricia Hebert and Monica Blancas
34. 1992 Queen Monica Blancas Broussard Maids Aimee Cunningham Broussard and Theresa Touchet
35. 1993 Queen Theresa Comeaux Touchet, Maids Aimee Cunningham and Jan Thibodeaux
36. 1994 Queen Amy Frederick, Maids Tarrah Comeaux and Carin Landry Watson
37. 1995 Queen Carin Landry Watson, Tarrah Comeaux Davis, Shana Bernard LeBlanc
38. 1996 Queen Leah Mergist Menard, Maids Kristy Landry Domingues, Paolo Alarcon
39. 1997 Queen Alicia Primeaux, Maids Tara Young, Alaina Hebert
40. 1998 Queen Amy Toups, Maids Courtney Thibodeaux & Brooke Stoute Bernard
41. 1999 Queen Tiffany Ford Granger, Maids Kayla Primeaux Soirez, Brooke Stoute Bernard
42. 2000 Queen Holly Collins Comeaux, Maids, Nicole Davis DesOrmeauxm Jill Faulk Thompson
43. 2001 Queen Amy Landry Mencacci, Maids Andrea Prejean Bernard, Jill Faulk
44. 2002 Queen Lindsay Mencacci Schexnayder, Maids Brittany Landry Thibodeaux, Katherine Stoute
45. 2003 Queen Anna Libersat, Maids Kayla Janak Romero, Jessica L Hebert
46. 2004 Queen Edith Frederick, Jessica Pillette, Ashlie Langlinais
47. 2005 (Unsure of Queen) Michelle Davis, Adele Files, Nikki Ivison
48. 2006 Queen Miranda Bertrand, Maids Lauren Gaubert, Danielle Dore
49. 2007 Queen Katie Bercegeay
Maids India Roberts and Blair Collins
50. 2008 Queen Bliss Romero, Maids Brooke Renee Hebert and Kailey Domingue
51. 2009 Queen was Meghan Desormeaux, Maids  Lindey Theall and Tricia Rood
52. 2010 Queen Lauren Lange, Maids Kayleigh Cheek,  Lillian Turner
53. 2011 Queen Camille Delcambre, Maids Chelsey Luquette, Megan LeBlanc
54. 2012 Queen Samantha Cawyer Maids Meaghan Perkins, Christen Landry
55. 2013 Queen Annie Watson, Maids Shea Delcambre, Sandra Pham

56. 2014 Queen Caitlin Domingues, Maids Catherine Domingues, Lena Issa

57. 2015 Queen Brooke Langlinais, Maids Sarah Watson, Emily Delcambre

Note: Juanita Boudreaux was a three time Snooks Relays Queen. (1966, 1967, 1968)

1967 and 1968 had the EXACT same court. 1968 Queen Juanita Boudreaux, Patsy Bares, Debbie LeBlanc.
Ann Lori Langlinais Hebert was a two time queen (1982 and 1983)
Tracy Moss Watson was also a two time queen (1987 and 1988)


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